Gyenno spoon


I know there's a thread which talks about the LiftLabs/Liftware (who don't ship outside the USA) spoon but couldn't find anything about the Gyenno spoon which is on UK amazon & ebay sites. Has anybody bought it? Is there any reaction to it from any of the Parkinson's organisations or local groups? I've been looking into it for my dad but obviously it's a lot of money to invest without trusted feedback/reviews. 




Hi Kec974

I've not heard of anyone using this device on the forum, maybe other members know more? After a quick Google search I haven't found a lot of reviews either. 

You can watch people using the device on YouTube if you'd like to see it in action.

Also, I'm not sure if you're aware of this thread,or if your dad would be interested, but this week we have been approached by BBC and asked to help find participants for a BBC Two documentary that wants to use new technology to help people with Parkinson's



Thanks for your response, Kat.