i have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's and it has resulted in me having to leave my job as I was no longer able . This happened over ten months ago also I feel I am unable to drive . this in addition with me reluctant to go to any public gathering (due to my tremor ) I find myself isolated 

One of my hobbies before I was diagnosed was weight lifting my question is am I okay starting my hobbie again without making my Parkinson's worse as I need something to keep me sane 


Hi Bobby1983,

I am really sorry to hear that you are feeling isolated as a result of your symptoms. Remember that there is plenty of support available and you are never alone. You can check for local groups near you here: or pick up the phone to speak to our trained advisers and Parkinson's nurses on our helpline (0808 800 0303, open Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm) about any aspect of living with Parkinson's or for emotional support. 

You have certainly come to the right place in the forum to find other people with Parkinson's who love exercising. If you browse through this section you will find plenty of threads chatting on different activities and exercises like running, cycling, etc.

I'm sure other members of the community will be able to advise you specifically on weight lifting with Parkinson's, but in the meantime it might be useful to have a look at our publication about exercises designed to improve your posture and balance: It might give you an idea of the sort of exercise that is beneficial to help manage the condition.

Best wishes,


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From my experience, and from everything I've read about PD, you should exercise as much as you can.

I go the gym two or three times a week and do a bit of weightlifting (nothing too serious). It helps me both physically and mentally. Doing something you enjoy is the best medicine, and improving your strength makes you better able to cope with the PD symptoms.

You might not be able to train at the level you were at before you were diagnosed, so don't push yourself too hard and rest when you need to.

You'll have good and bad days, so get despondent!

Hi Bobby983

From my experience cant see any reason why you should not do weightlifting within reason, I am currently on a Rehab session for PD (in Germany) and it is almost all based on weight training, posture improvement (Posturomed), cycling, water gymnastics, Nordic walking and relaxation classes (Jakobson).

This works for me the main thing is to keep as fit as you can this will stop you stiffening up I didnt think I would but must admit I enjoy Nordic walking as it gets you out, fit and improves co-ordination.

Do what you can just make sure you do it.

good luck



Some people like me if I do too much end up exhausted sweating and feeling light headed takes days too feel myself again.this is caused by using all my dopamine too quick. I just have a small swim steam room and sauna this helps to losses me up.


I had to give up work too I was unable, it wasn't safe, practical or economically viable for me or the employer.

I do like to try and keep up with my Hobbies though that's me striving to maintain myself and ability, mine happens to be Angling, I carry my gear (bit like weight lifting) for a distance where ever i want to get too (stamina) and then there is the technical side of it tying rigs/knots and presentations giving my Mind a work out and at the same time fighting tremor too attain and maintain fine finger movement.

But as Gus points out there are Limits and i know when i have reached mine, I try and work within them, but still giving myself Goals that i still can, that's important too me, to maintain some sense of normality of life, it has become harder, but i have too look at way too go around or do things in different ways innovation which also exercises my mind.

If i over do it I do pay for it and it does take me physically time to recover that is something too keep in mind when finding 'your limits'.

You can apply it too your hobbies and interests. little steps big gains.

People sometimes no all the time look at you and think you can do stuff even typing this I get exhausted pdsw really p------ me of just going for a walk with the dog rewiring a plug this week what a mission. See they started stem cell trials and nearly there with medication prevent side affects dyskinesa all I want is something so my pd dosenot progress
Pd not pdsw

There is gymn referral scheme whereby the GP can refer you to gymn sessions at a reduced price.


Some gymns are sending their staff on courses to deal with specific conditions such as PD

These can  be regarded as rehab to take you back to where you would have been  were it not MR.P

At the very least it will bring back your confidence which as a younger person will have taken a hell of a knock.  No doubt other YOPD's will be in touch on this forum to encourage you.

Any exercise you enjoy and that you will do consistently will do you good on the use it or lose it principle

but the following have been found to be particularly good for PWP's :  cycling, Nordic walking, Tai Chi, Tango dancing (yes!!) and a few more.