I’m back, I personally think Parkinson’s should be setting up gym for people with Parkinson’s were they feel comfortable exercising and boxing classes instead of giving money to these nonsense grants for people to think they no about Parkinsons.

Hi @Ken2468,

Our insight gathering has shown us that people with Parkinson’s have differing opinions about gyms and classes - some want Parkinson’s only classes, but many want to continue to be active in ‘mainstream’ ways - i.e. not defined by the condition

In response to many requests from people with Parksinson’s and those who deliver activities to them, we are currently developing a groundbreaking Parkinson’s Awareness Scheme for Activity & Exercise providers, which will launch next year.

Parkinson’s Power was a pilot project in the north east of England funded in part by Sport England to help inactive people with Parkinson’s become more active. Due to the pandemic the project is currently suspended, but Sport England have generously allowed us to use funding to support people across the country to become more active

As a result of this we have now developed a coordinated physical activity and exercise programme that has already helped thousands of people in 2020 with online exercise classes, printed guidance on how to be active at home and easier ways to navigate our online content. We have more information on this via the Parkinson’s UK website here:

I hope you found this information helpful.

Best wishes.