Had my scan

Hi Madison, I don't really understand either. I was talking to the doctor after she mentioned Parkinsonisms and she wanted me to have a lying down and a standing up blood pressure taken. When it was done, the doctor was seeing someone else and my apt was aparantly over. She quizzed me about my knowledge of PD terms and rotated my wrists. I feel very bewildered so hope I can get some answers from the neuro in december. flo

There is a download on Parkinsonisms, I think I need to ease off on trying to find out things, I am getting nervous about it. flo

Hi flo I hope you get some answers soon . It is a stressful time for you . What symptoms are you having now ? Are they any worse ? Perhaps they will offer you a dat scan in dec or start you on medication to see if you respond to that . Am I right in thinking you have had MRI and CT scan now ? It is all a bit bewildering . I'm trying to understand it all and finding it rather complex .

Hi Madison. I am 67, and have been having problems with my memory, finding my way out of toilets etc and calling things by the wrong word. It is not that I can't think of the word, it comes out very quickly, but the wrong one, touble counting out coins and forgetting arrangements I have made.

I plucked up courage to go to the doctor as I thought I had alzheimers. I have had memory tests, blood test, MRI,  CT,coordination, walking.

On reading the hospital doctor's letter it mentioned slow coordination, bilateral bradykinesia and subtle reduced arm swing. I thought the doctor was looking at my legs but she was looking at my arm.

My doctor saiid that PD is a possibility but the hospital doctor said it could be any number of things. She said I had Parkinsonisms but that didn't mean I had PD.

Have had a lot of cramp in my calf muscles in the night, pain in the hip, had an x ray, arthritis not too bad, occasional left shoulder pain,, sudden jerks, awake or going to sleep.Am slow getting up from a chair and sometimes have trouble turning over in bed. I am waiting for a memory clinic apt and seeing a neurologist 22nd December. Hospital doctor in 3 months.

My hip still hurts, I have spinal stenosis and sciatica. I feel very scared, Alzheimer's is a worry, PD and the lots of of other things it could be, and of course I could just be getting older.

Sorry it is so long. flo


Hi flo your symptoms are very similar to mine . I have been really worried too as my dat scan results showed consistent with a Parkinsonian syndrome . I have dopamine loss both sides but particularly left sided . At the moment my symptoms are right sided . The consultant said the most common of Parkinsonian syndrome is Parkinson's disease and in his experience he thinks its that . He is going on my symptoms at the moment too and my response to medication. I am on azilect only at the moment . I have had some response to that . I gather with some of the other conditions people don't respond as well to medication . I have had problems for a few years . I had a head injury as a child . The consultant thinks this may have caused it as they have seen link between pd and head injury 40 years later if there was loss of consciousness which there was . However he feels I would probably have had to have had the genes . He was talking about genetic testing . It's easy to say try not to worry I'm the worlds worst I think . Why don't you ask hospital to contact you if they have a cancellation . Explain that you can go at short notice to see neurologist . Dec is a long time to wait when you are anxious . It's worth a try . My results went to the wrong gp I'd never been with that practice . The pd nurse ended up telling me the results and didn't explain it well . When I saw neuro the other day he explained things better but it all takes some understanding . I was shocked when I saw pd nurse as I was actually thinking hoping everything was ok as I hadn't heard anything and my gp said he would phone if anything was untoward . He didn't ring because results at wrong practice ! He wasn't impressed . X

Hi Maddison,it was interesting seeing your comment about a head injury as a child. When I was about 6, we lived in a flat and I wanted to look out of the small window in the toilet. I slipped off the toilet seat and hit my head on the side of a metal bucket and needed stitches. I have gone through life hitting my head on various things, cupboard doors left open is a favourite.

   I feel a bit calmer today.It is not so long til 22nd Dec for Neuro and have another hospital apt with the hospital doctor 7th Jan. Perhaps they are watching and waiting to see if things get worse, stay the same or even improve.

I think that I have got info overload and am frightening myself, but it  is hard to put your worries to one side.flo