Had my scan

Hi, following on from Waiting for a scan, I had a head MRI scan this morning. I have done so much thinking and don't know which way this is going to turn out. I still have symptoms that make me think about Alzheimer's. Slowness and reduced arm swing ( which I didn't realise that I have)  possible PD,  something else, or stress.

I have a strange sensation in my legs, like a motor running, this could be due to a problem at the base of my spine. (Spinal Stenosis). I have heard of inner tremor but haven't seen much written  about it, is that a possibility or  my mind getting carried away. My husband has tremor in his right side but has not got an inner tremor.

Sometimes I get a jerk in my upper body, when I am awake as well as when trying to get to sleep.

    Any thoughts on this would be welcome,  flo


Hiya flo

I had a MRI earlier in the year

They took pictures of my Spine and brain and when i had a appointment with my Neuro he went through the pictures, There was some minor degeneration in my spine, but not in the 'roots' of the spine, looking at my brain he said this only gives us a picture of the brain,everything looks normal (the purpose of the scan) but it doesn't tell us what it's doing or going on within the brain.

He then suggested a 'dat scan' for the 'next step'  and 'level' of what was going on within the brain, which i have since had but awaiting a appointment for the results.

I haven't experienced a inner tremor except i have experienced a inner shiver as if i am cold but not if that makes any sense too anyone.

I have though experienced the 'jerk' whilst i am asleep or relaxed, sometimes i also bite my tongue in my sleep.

a link too body jerking.


Hi Sea  Angler, thanks for replying. Those jerks are complicated things aren't they. I had a Caudal Epidural a few years ago, so I don't know how long that lasts for. The problem is that you go to the hospital for one thing and all manner of things crop up to confuse us.    flo

there meant too last upto 12months but can be less 6months sorry for butting in!

Hi Gus, I definitely feel as if it has worn off, am very confused about what is wrong with me. flo

does your lower lumber ie bottom of back in pain,when you brush your teethe,bend down,use hoover or brush up! if so i would contact your gp for a referral to pain clinic in the mean time your gp may give you some nerve pain killer tablets or inflammation ones i would go and have a chat with gp !

Thanks Gus, hoovering and gardening gives me problems. As does walking and carrying heavy things. I am supposed to be referred to the memory clinic as well because of problems with not getting the right words out and other things. I had a bad reaction to the epidural, so I don't really want to do that again. flo

have you tried gentle swimming its worked for me,all the best

Hi all. Have had another letter from Hospital Doctor. MRI scan is normal. Blood is normal apart from low calcium, low ferritin and high phosphate levels. I think my thyroidectomy is affecting these levels. In her previous letter she mentioned bradykinesia, slow co-ordination and subtle reduced arm swing.

 She is referring me to see a neurologist, perhaps the same one that my husband sees for PD. My  doctor doesn't think it is Alzheimer's, which is the reason I first saw her, but somehow, PD has entered into it all.

Waiting for the results of the CT scan now..   flo

lets  hope its nothing to serious good luck

Good Luck with the neurologist appointmet

i have a internal tremor as well as a external tremor  the internal tremor really is a very strange feling i feel like everything is shaking on the inside as i said to my gp i felt like a jelly on a plate so wobbly , but dont notice it so much now that i am on Madopar

I do suffer with  body jerks mainly my legs when i am resting   and sometomes i have been aware of my  body jerking while i am asleep .

Thanks Gus.

Hi shelly65, Your inner tremor doesn't sound the same as what I have, mine is more like a motor running. I think I notice the jerks when I am awake as being in my left shoulder. Sometimes in my legs at night.

Not too long to wait now.   flo

My wife tells me some of my night time jerks seem to almost launch me off the bed.  I get them only when at rest or asleep.  I had one while lying on the couch, at rest and peacefully watching TV with my 4 year old grandson.  This jerk was a doozie, which prompted my grandson to ask, so gently,  "Did you just have a bad dream grandpa?" 

As for spinal stenosis, you would know if that was the problem.  I had one and I couldn't walk across the room without excruciating pain which was only cured by surgery. But that was 6 months of my life I will never get back.

If you have to have a degenerative brain disorder PD is better than Altzheimer's, or so I am told.

Best wishes.

Hi wpgchap, I know what you mean about the pain of Spinal Stenosis, I was lucky not to need surgery and had a caudal epidural. Now and again the pain gets worse but nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

 I also get the jerks when watching tv, it comes as quite a shock.

I very much hope that I haven't got Alzheimer's, it does frighten me. I am waiting for an appointment for the memory clinic. Those of us who don't know what is wrong tend to think that once we get a diagnosis we will know how to deal with things, but I am not so sure. flo

I have had my hospital apt today. The doctor says I have some Parkinsonisms but that doesn't mean that I have Parkinsons. I have an apt to see a neurologist 22nd Dec, another to see the doctor I saw today in 3 months and still waiting for a memory clinic apt.

I just have to be patient and try to stop worrying so much.    flo


hi flo

sorry too hear there dragging it out, time seems too mean nothing too them when your waiting for a answer or atleast clues. hope they do some meaningfull tests.

Thanks sea angler

To all of you, ye need to take DaTScan to reveal parkinson disease or parkinsoism, and in other ways PET-Scan can also reveal that, MR scan actually doesn't reveal the disease, so it hopeless. As many should know parkinsonism can actually can occur at born stages, and parkinson disease is something that develops after years, and these tests cannot reveal the difference so you need also neurologic diagnosis after this.

H Dealazer, hopefully the neurologist will ask for more scans, time will tell what it is. flo

Hi dealazer could you explain a bit more about the differences between Parkinson's disease and Parkinsonism . What did you mean by born stages ? Excuse my ignorance . Thanks