Hair Loss


I have been taking Sinemet (2.5 tablets a day) for about 3 weeks. I have been taking it very slowly as I am pill sensitive. All has been fine so far, but I have noticed over the past week that my hair has been falling out and I have been peeing a lot more.

I used to take Azilect but had to come off that due to hair loss. Has anyone had similar experiences with Sinemet?

Thanks, Dixie.
Hello Dixie,

Sadly I have no answer for you but I do know that certain meds can bring all sorts of complications I would be so bold as to suggest you ask your GP, he/she may well be able to answer your question.

All the best to you
Is the answer The Joe Loss Orchestra's 1960 German Tour?

Herr Loss

Thank you Radar47 for your reply.

I asked my Neuro about my hair loss and he said the usual cause was stress (I'm not saying he is right!). Over the counter hair growth pills helped me, take for six month course. The topic of hair loss came up before on Forum so you can search back for the replies.
Hi Dixie,
I know your question was whether others have had this experience but I thought the following might be helpful. I can imagine that this must be worrying for you.

Have you checked the patient information leaflet to see whether hair loss is a known side effect of Sinemet?

If it is not, it may be an idea to call and speak to one of our nurses to see what they can offer at 0808 800 0303 They may be able to help you pinpoint the cause.

If you do continue to feel that it is related to the Sinemet , you can report this side effect to the yellow card scheme. You can find out more about this here:

In the meantime, as polly mentioned, this issue has been raised on the forum before and you can find previous conversations about hair loss here:

I hope this helps.

Thank you Polly & Ezinda for your replies and very useful information.

I notice on previous post that reference is made to the Thyroid; I have had a swelling in my neck for a number of years now, even before I was diagnosed with PD which was 3 years ago. All the tests come back negative in respect of this, ie normal level of thyroxine are present, I wonder if the thyroxine levels are so borderline this might be one of the causes, and sinemet tips it over & triggers the process.

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