Hair loss


Some months ago I sought advice on the Forum regarding hair loss and I received some very good advice regarding a supplement called "Hair and nails". I started taking this product and found it was very effective in slowing down the constant shedding of hair.

However, as my Sinemet regime has increased to 550mg per day the hair loss has returned.

I have recently heard of a product called Viviscal and I wonder if anyone has heard of or tried this product; I would be grateful for any feedback or advice.

Many thanks

Havent tried any of the products you mention, but interested it is due to sinimet. I think my hair loss was due to Azilect.
I don't take any drugs. Nor do I have a thyroid imbalance... don't know what to blame my hair loss on. Will try your hair & nails supplement if I can find it Dixie.
I have no experience of Viviscal but I have used Florisene. However, I stopped using it when I noticed that it contained a large amount of iron which, I believe, is not good for Parky. Can't remember the reason for that, but perhaps someone can remind me.