Hair loss

Hi all,,

I have been having problems with my hair for a while now..... it has always been fine but had lots of it.. I have gradually got less an less over time, it is medium length so used to put it up. Its getting harder to manage. i use baby shampoo an ordered some ginger shampoo online.... just wondering if anyone else has this  problem, or has any advice....i just started apo-go injections a couple of weeks ago, could that make it worse?

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Grass doesn't grow on a busy street! eek

Hi Ollybex, 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with your hair. Have you spoken to your GP or Parkinson's nurse about your concerns? This is something that other members have spoken about on the forum inthe past. 

Please do feel free to contact our helpline if you need any advice. You can call our advisers on 0808 800 0303 or email [email protected]


Hi pokermid,

Ha my road has been a bit slow lately, so could be why.... ha

Hi KatC,


Thanks..,I'm going to ring gp tomorrow, hopefully i will get some answers...... i will also ring the helpline  as they have been very helpful when rang in the past....

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I find recently that my hair is becoming wavy, its waving my head goodbye!

the old ones are the best!


It's not sore so don't worry about it