Half price road tax

Hi, has anyone else had the same trouble as I have in obtaining half price road tax? It has now been three weeks waiting for dvla,still no tax phoned them,to be told it's been processed,the tax was to start the first of May so I have had no car that I could use and have had to use taxi's that have cost me a fortune.now waiting for a dvla manager to phone me back,got a hospital appointment at 14.00hrs today another £28 in taxi charges just because the dvla can't do a simple job,is this down to cuts in the service or is it to stop people claiming this reduction. 


Hi Pjc1959

As far as I know you can still use your car, and if you get stopped by the police explain the situation that the tax is being processed by DLVA, they can verify it by contacting them. I'm sure that's right, the other thing to do is to phone DVLA again and ask them the question to see if it's right what I have said.

Hope you soon get sorted.

Regards Sheila

Hi Sheila,

               I spoke to the dvla and was told that I was not able to use my car until I get a letter from them stating that it was taxed,I said to the lady on the phone that I had paid for the tax from the first of May so it should be able to use the car but I was told that that was not the case and had to wait for the letter to arrive before I could use my car,so I asked the question would they refund the three weeks (15 working days) that was wasted and I was not able to use the car?still waiting for them to phone me back on that one,still cost me £255 for half price tax for the year,if I was on full rate mobility I could go to the post office and get it on the day and it would be free,

  all the best phill



Hi Phill

That's news to me, even my OH thought it was right, because if they have your payment then that payment would be logged down when received at the dvla. I'm sorry you are having problems but I hope you get it sorted out soon. Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Regards Sheila