Halloween and fireworks

has anyone got any plans for halloween or fireworks:smile:when the kids come nocking for trick or treat i always make sure i got some sweets at hand.i love all the costumes kids dress up in.long as they behave and dont ruin it all,fireworks people set erm off on the back field to me,look beautiful.i watch erm on tv s well,amaxing firework displays.be safe everyone.:smile:

Lets take our ghosts and ghoulies back,
From hollywood where they go off track,
Where knives and murderers madmen and blood,
Take over from witches, some of them good.

Lets seee the ghosts of the dead once again,
Lets see the curtains start twitching and then,
listen to young girlies screaming in tune,
While great grandad walks by in the light of the moon.

We`ll remember the spirits who lived in the land,
Who gave us our sustenance, if we lent a hand,
The goddess of plenty who gave us our food,
And we danced in thankfulness (some of it lewd),

By all means scoop out a pumpkin or two,
Put in a candle and then you say boo,
Walk round the neighbourhood, call on your mates,
But dont throw eggs at their houses, it grates.

So yes lets look forward to mayhem and fun,
Dress up as a witch and dance skip and run,
But no noisy fireworks, no woosh bang or crack,
And no trick or treat, please we can do without that.

Hi, Ali. Nice to see you again.
hi compost,good to see on the forum,missed your poems,great one:wink: