Hallucinations answer to many questions

Hi. New to site so will most probably make a few mistakes so be kind.
How many should I expect and how often . Being told to ignore it
The problem is not their ,

Hi Ganney,
We just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum. We’re sorry to hear about your symptoms and unfulfilling advice from your team. The important thing to remember is Parkinson’s is different for every person with the condition, so there are unfortunately no easy answers or predictions to be made. Crowd-sourcing others’ experiences and advice can help by adding to your knowledge and can be a real comfort, but it should always be checked by your GP and Parkinson’s team. If you are feeling uncertain about your medical team, you can call us at 0808 800 0303 and our trained advisers can help you with finding alternative care. We also have a wealth of data on our website, which we encourage you to peruse when you can. We recommend this section on hallucination symptoms as a starting point.
We hope these support links help, and we hope you’ll find comfort in our amazing community here.
Best wishes,
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Welcome! How long have you had PD, what medications are you on and how much are you taking would help us give you some feedback.

Parkinson’s confirmed by Dat scann 23/05/21.
c~careldopa. 12.5 x 3 per day.
I am trying to understand , what shows me that I am having
Hallucinations, the nurse believes I have it. I have believed
That an incident appears to be ie inpossibl ,unable to fill,being in a place that cannot be possible,.I am having incidents each day were I approach
A person.I get within 3/4 feet and they literally disappear re appears a couple minutes later my wife is unable to see any. The same happens
With vehicles she not being able to see what I am talking about.
At first I could not believe what was happing and obviously now
It is affecting my mental outlook.c

So you were diagnosed with Parkinsons in May of this year and the only thing you are taking for it is Co-careldopa? If so, well it may be that you are experiencing a severe and uncommon side effect of the Levodopa in it. Did they see anything else in the scan, any lesions perhaps? These can also cause hallucinations. You should speak with your doctor about this right away if you have not done so already, and what to do about it, you could be experiencing a severe side effect of your treatment.

Hi @Ganney,

I echo what @jason.mod has advised. I strongly advise that you contact your GP as they may need to reassess your medication to stop the hallucinations that you’ve been facing. Again, if you need to speak about what you’re experiencing, please give our helpline a call and speak to an adviser.

They’d be able to support you on this and may be able to put you in contact with a Parkinson’s nurse - the number is 0808 800 0303 in case you need the number again.

Best wishes,