Hallucinations & confusion

Hi all…any advice or help would be lovely…my husband is 73 & was diagnosed aged 50…he has managed very well up until the last 6 months…he is having hallucinations & confusion & walking the floor most of that night which results in neither him or me having any sleep…the consultant has started him on Rivastigmine but these make him loose his gross motor skills & just sleep all day…he has no quality of life on these has anyone had the same experience & any info for any other meds that help with the hallucinations…I’ve actually just got him %10 cbd oil to see if that helps xx

Hi @Patricia1

Thank you for yur post and welcome to the forum, I am sure many members will soon share their experiences with you. In the meantime please do have a look at our information on hallucination and how to manage these - https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/information-and-support/your-magazine/tips/managing-hallucinations-and-delusions-tips-family.

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