Hallucinations/ Delusions- how much should you expect?

I know this question may sound like ‘How long is a piece of string’? However, when you have had Parkinsons for 17 years (my mum), how much of the above is unavoidable and how much could be caused by the current medication/ hospital delirium?

Right now, all the problems seem like a basket full of knotted wool and it’s difficult to determine not only the above but also whether bad vision is contributing or whether bad vision is another impact of something else going on in the brain.

Can anyone shed any light on this situation in terms of knowing what is simply inavoidable with Parkinsons and knowing where there might be help with any of these interlinked issues?

In addition, there is also the low blood pressure which results in falls and then inevitably, a hospital stay.

I understand that there are abdominal bindings that you can wear when attempting to walk for drops in blood pressure but my mum has a colostomy bag so I am guessing that can’t be used in this case?

Thank you

My husband has autonomic neuropathy…no control of his blood pressure.
It drops in minutes to around 70/30 when he stands…and he passes out.
He was told to wear compression stockings 24 hours a day and an abdominal binder when standing/walking.
it goes round his middle from under his arms to his waist and fastens with Velcro.
It has made a lot of difference…sudden collapses are much less frequent.
I’m not sure where the colostomy is situated but doubt it would be high enough to interfere with the binder.
The binder was prescribed by the GP and was not difficult to get.
Hope this helps…