Hallucinations... I feel like I am loosing my mum

Hello everyone,

My name is Nela, my mother has been diagnosed from PD cca 15 years ago.
All my life she has been “head” of the family. She had full time job and doing all home activities. She was diagnosed from PD but she was living her life normally. No one could tell that she is sick… only thing that was happening is tremor of left hand (sometimes).
After some stress at her work, her condition become worse over the night. She could not move.

After that was stage of shoock for her, my dad, my brother and myself… She was crying and screaming all night, my best dad is the most patient man on this world. She helped her 100 %.
She started to had hard convulsions in her muscels. Crying, crying, more crying… she had many sleep problems at the beginning. Meanwhile, doctor gave her that pump (I don’t know real name) and helped her a lot… she could make normally lunch and everything else.

Now, few years after her stage started to become bad… I don’t know how to help her. She sleeps alot and have lot of hallucinations. We can’t leave her alone (and we are all working in the house). She starts to do one lunch, then other, then forgot that she turn on the owen etc…
I am feeling very sad. All the time she sees someone that is not in the house… some kids, some woman, all the time she has feeling that someone is here.
Two days ago, she woke me up and to ask me “what is going on with her” and started crying. I feel like sometimes she does not recgonize my dad, and he gave al his life to her. Sometimes, I feel like she is angry with all us.

Always I try to be positive with her and joke, but she does not get it sometimes, starts crying…
I can’t be strong all the time. I have feeling that I can’t talk to her aynmore… :frowning:

Sorry for my bad english, I am from Croatia.

If someone could sare your experience… how family, how daughter can help her???

Best regards,

Hi @Nellen and a very warm welcome to our forum. I’m sorry to hear how difficult it has become for you and your family to support your mother and how lost you feel. You’re all going through a lot right now. You’re not alone in this and I’m sure the forum members will be along to chat to you shortly.

Meanwhile, you can read more about supporting someone with Parkinson’s here. You can also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 to speak to someone about your concerns.

What’s really important is to make sure that you take of yourself so that you’re better able to care for your mother. You’ll find some ideas on this on the page I’ve given you. Don’t forget we are all here for you so do keep sharing your concerns, we’ll always listen.

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Hi @Nellen, Welcome to the forum. Is your Mum taking any medication ? If so it could be this, so you need to speak to the Doctor to get the medication changed. I’ve been in a similar situation and it was not good and so got my medication changed and am better for it. As @JaniceP has said we’re all here to help if we can and give you the advice you seek. Take care and stay safe.