In January I told a PD nurse about some hallucinations which I had experienced and she said that they were ‘passage hallucinations.’ She was very concerned that I should have hallucinations so early during early stages of Parkinson’s. She expressed so much concern that I forgot to discuss some of the hallucinations with her. I told her that I had an appointment to see my consultant in February and she was quite happy for me to discuss the issue with my consultant.

When I saw my consultant and told him about the hallucinations he told me to get my eyes tested – which I did and the optician said ‘You definitely do not need glasses.’ That was also in February and I am wondering if the optician’s report was filtered through to my consultant.

Looking back to January I think I had the hallucinations when I left my ‘after lunch’ meds a bit late so that I experienced some ‘wearing off’ though I don’t recall any (other) symptoms.

However, last night I didn’t sleep until about 5am. At about 4am I experienced a hallucination – I suppose my meds had well-worn off by then.

I’ve phoned and left a message for a PD nurse to phone me for a chat when I will discuss these hallucinations and mention the optician’s input.

I am certainly a bit concerned about the hallucinations as I have read that, as PD progresses, they can become terrifying and that the patient loses the ability to perceive that they are hallucinations.