Saw my first hallucination to-day - a child at a school desk, viewd from behind. Took several seconds to melt away. Rather spooky! Not too happy about this.

hiya ,wot meds u on?:smile:

Hi Grandad David,
I found the Parkinsons disease information sheets on hallucinations helpful

There are different reasons for hallucinations even a UTI can cause them.

Take Care Dot x


I had one hallucination when I first started taking Requip but haven't had any more since. It was a bit rude and involved a man. I shall say no more!

I also hallucinated for the first aand so far only time when first taking requip. I found myself talking out loud to "people" who weren't there. It was odd, I knew I was hallucinating but at the same time believed that these people were actually thhere. It was quite benign - not at all frightening. I must admit that I have not mentioned this to anyone before

I've seen my late father several times, just behind my left shoulder.

I've also seen BOTH of my parents in a brightly-lit distant doorway, beckoning me in. I didn't go.

When on DAs I saw a dinosaur in an aeroplane we were travelling home to England on from Miami, some pterodactyls crawling out of the theatre walls in Skegness (Ken Dodd was on) and thousands of insects crawling out of the bedding in a house I'd rented in France.

The only time I was actually scared was the insects. Don't know why.

Hi G.David'
Nice to bump into you again on forum !
I know we all react differently to meds. etc. but I think the seeing of 'things' does not usually last very long.
It happened with me for a few weeks when I first started medication. When I woke up in the mornings , I saw 'spiders ' on the bedroom ceiling, and they moved !
I used to say to myself, 'they're not real ' and it kind of empowered me.
I s'pose once our bodies become a bit more used to the drugs, then this reaction fades away. All the best !


One of the medications I was once put on caused hallucinations. I was convinced my fingers were full of splinters and was constantly trying to pick them out with pins and Magnesium Sulphate paste. I could see huge splinters and always had elasoplasts or bandages on my fingers. Then I became convinced that the MS paste had made my fingers absorbent and that loose hairs were been sucked into them. I could feel horrible pain as they would round the inside of my finger and desparately tried to get them out.

The next stage was the spiders. Horrible little things that jumped!!!! They wove webs inside my fingers and the strands cut into my flesh. I remember getting up early one morning (about 5 a.m.) and getting to work on my fingers, I worked on all day and until very late at night poking them out. I encouraged them out with needles and MS paste and strips of kitchen roll. I had torn the kitchen roll into 1" wide strips and went through 3 rolls. When I got one out I dunked it and the tissue into a bucket of water (there were buckets and bowls all over the kitchen) because they couldn't swim and if I drowned them they couldn't jump back in!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, I got up one morning and started choking - I had swallowed some hairs and they were embedding themselves into my throat and lips. I became totally hysterical and dashed down to the surgery and was seen by a nurse who rapidly realised that I had a severe problem. All I could say was "get it out, get it out". She went for my GP who asked me if I knew who he was. I nearly hit him - of course I b.......***!!!! well knew who he was, why didn't he do something about the hairs and the spiders? instead of asking stupid questions.

The PD nurse was sent for and she contacted the Neurologist I was then under. His only advice was to stop taking the tablets - no alternative was offered and my appointment (3 months away) was not changed.

Until then I had always thought that hallucations were only visual I didn't know that you could physically feel pain too.

Looking back it seems absolutely unbelievable. I (possibly wrongly) have always considered myself a moderately intelligent, very competent and no nonsense type of person. How could I have been so totally convinced of such stupid things. All I can say is that at the time it seemed very very real.


I am on Madopar 125Mg three times a day. No more complete hallucinations yet but I keep "seeing" something move in the periphery (sp?) vision. Nothing ever there of course. Don't bother to look any more!

Hello Grandad David ,
Thought I may bump into you again on the forum ! Sounds like you've cracked the 'hallucinations bug,' specially if now you don't even bother to look ! That's good.
It's funny , this sort of shadow or fine movement out of the corner of the eye , I get that to . Never bothered me , but sometimes I've even called out to the unknown person I've thought was there , but of course , no reply. Best wishes !

I've experienced that too, but I've put it down to a reflection from my reading specs.

Hello Lily,
Maybe reflections of some kind do cause this effect , but I've also had it when not wearing glasses and not near any windows. Typically - I've been kneeling down painting a skirting board, or maybe weeding in the garden , and have had a milliseconds sensation of someone being there behind me. The brain is very weird and wonderful, or 'awesome ' as my young daughter would say !

Spooky even! :fearful:

My husband can see people or rather figures . He said they don't worry him .

He also get hallucinations /dreams . he speaks to people I see his mouth moving often without any sound ..

Now and again he will cry out and flay his arms .

In some ways they worry me more then him .