This is a bit embarrasing to admit but could do with advice. does anyone deal with hallucinations. when I was sent to psychiatrist a couple of years back he said it was neurological. They normally don't bother me but when I,m stressed then they can be scary. At no am stressed dreaded ESA assessment coming up. Have even thought at times being watched and followed. Be glad when can calm down again. Any tips welcome.


Hi porthos,

This information sheet looks at Hallucinations in Parkinson's, which you might find helpful: https://www.parkinsons.org.uk/content/hallucinations-and-delusions-parkinsons-information-sheet -

Hallucinations can be a side-effect of medication, so it would be worth speaking to your GP, specialist or Parkinson's nurse about this. 

Best wishes,


(Digital team)


Thankyou have read through link. Have spoken to a GP at my drs surgery. Not sure if she looked more panicky about it than 

I feel. She also wants to wait to see what datscan reveals before recommending anything. Have decided to keep calm by making a new happiness book, basically a scrap book of anything that makes. you happy. Hoping calmer times will resolve issue


Hello Porthos

  Good name.  I have been dealing with hideous visions and dreams for twenty years when first encountering this terrifying distressing symptom of PD I had not been diagnosed though when I think back  all the  signs were there  but its the visions that used  to  cause the most fearsome difficulties  as the  dreams  were so    detailed I  would retain  them  throughout the   next day or  two  and they  fired off  the  visions, I  had to sleep alone as  I  struck  my  dear  wife  on  numerous occasions while doing  battle in  the  dreams and    I  STOPPED  going  to  bed in  fear of  the  encounters I still see Dad  standing in  the   corner of  my room,  he  passed  4 yrs  sin,  however over the  years I  have learned how to  deal with  this  nasty tool in parkies  box in  much  the   same  way as Police  Ambulance  and  Firemen  learn  how to  cope  with trauma every  day, I  have  simply hardened my  psyche and  when  a  horror  vision  appears I    say  oh  bu???r     off if  thats  the  best  yo  can  do  and it  works though  as  I  said  it has  taken  years  to  attain  this  method so I  wish  you  luck sir



Thankyou. You have had an awful time. Most of the time mine are OK, usually cats rodents peacocks and a large black bird like a constant and my nan sitting in her favourite chair with her cheeky grin. But when stressed things turn nasty and nightmarish. Will have to learn as you say to deal with it. Not easy for oh either. I don't think I have attacked him in my sleep but given him a scare a few times.


Hi I get phantom smells anyone else get these ? 


cant help there, my taste and smell  went 10yrs ago only bitter  sweet  or  salty  taste left




Hi jenny - I get a good few 'phantom' smells at anytime during the day, it's unusual because I lost my sense of smell and taste a long while ago, yet I still manage to get these certain smells coming through. What's more unusual is my hubby can't smell them! They vary as well, but the most eerie one is cigarette smoke, neither of us smoke!



Hi Jenny and all,

Phantom smells.

It's weird but now you mention it for about a week and just after I had upped my Madopar, I started suddenly to get the smell of gas masks. Something I haven't smelt since the war when me and my twin wore Mickey Mouse gas masks when the sirens sounded.

Hi OTAnheavy and Porthos,

Vivid dreams,

thankfully I don't get hallucinations. But I do get very vivid dreams, in which sometimes I lash out either due to protecting myself from a missile or catching a ball. A lot of the dreams are recurring and I have an amazing capacity to remember them.

On the humorous side, It might sound daft but for nearly a week I dream't I met Queen Elizabeth (the second that is) at Buckingham Palace and became her Confidant, It was so real that I had difficulty in accepting it was a dream. It lasted about five nights. I remembered it so well that I actually wrote it down as short story. Was thinking of posting it on the creative corner but could be in trouble with the establishment if I did.

The dreams are more vivid and more real if I take two Madopar CRs at night instead of one. So clearly they are linked to the drug.

So sorry to read about the hallucinations. It must be frightening. 

Is that Guinea Pig a show winner Porthos?





The smell I get is gas don't get it all the time sometimes go weeks then out of nowhere it's so strong it makes my eyes water but no one else can smell it x


Have no sence of smell anymor but when I was on a certain anti seizure med I had a constant aroma of disenfectant stuck up my nose. It started within days of starting that particular med and vanished when I stopped.


Hi Jules77.

He,s a show winner in my eyes. He does these amazing showing off poses when he realises he is being watched . 

I,be heard of a dream journal where you record your dream and do a little illustration of it. I,d love to see your story, it sounds quite intriguing.

I,be had a dr keeping an eye on me for the last few weeks and it does seem the scary hallucinations peak with stress and not only am I in the process of waiting for datscan to confirm DX, or throw things back to the unknown, I have going through the pip and ESA assessments within a couple of weeks of each other. Not good timing. Am hoping for more peaceful times soon.