Halucinations at night time

Hi everyone, I am the daughter of a Parkinsons sufferer of about 12 years. My mum has had several instances of hallucinations but they are becoming a part of daily life (seeing and hearing things which aren’t there) but during the night she is becoming particularly active and the hallucinations are taking a slightly dark turn.
She takes Requip and Trihexy along with propranolol.
I’m looking for some help / support / advice really, firstly on how to handle this with her and secondly finding the cause of this. I’m suspecting Trihexy but would appreciate any words of wisdom.
Thanks in advance!

Ginger, I have PD; for over 20 years and have never taken any meds for it. But I have halucinations: visual and auditory. Thank God they haven’t turned bad or often. I have petted the most beautiful cat on my chair, that was not there and I finally realized! I more often hear singing like it is in the air around me - I search if my husband is playing the radio but no, so I know there is none, in reality. I’m just saying, the meds may cause them or worsen them but I’m supposing they go with PD without their help!

Hello Ginger.
My husband also suffers from ‘night terrors’ as the nurse put it. They also have a dark side in that he is always fighting with someone or a dog is chasing him which makes him scream and makes me jump out of my skin. He is a lot better since taking Melatonin suggested by the mental health nurse and prescribed by our doctor, who incidentally, knows very little about PD. I hope you are able to sort your Mother out and quickly.

I’m 6 years diagnosed. Vivid dreams are common for parkies. I have kicked my wife a few times trying to save her from all sorts of things happening in my dreams. Billy Connolly recently said he’s had to move into a separate room his are so bad. I don’t hallucinate during the day. it may be lewey bodies. Best to discuss with your pd nurse or consultant. mine always asks if I see things that are not there. How would I know is my usual reply. Sadly dementia is a known effect of Lewy bodies in the brain

My husband has halucinations most days and all of the night. We have gone down all the different roads for help but nothing seems to stop this awful part of having parkinsons.