Hand cramps

Hi all

My father has started to have hand cramps has anyone else experienced it and if you have any recommendations to help

Many thanks

Hi @angelapeart and welcome to our friendly forum. We’re sorry to hear about your father’s new symptom. Body cramps (or dystonia) are common in People With Parkinson’s. Hand cramps are more common when you are performing fine movements, such as writing. You can read more about this here.

I’m sure that other members will be along soon to share their own stories and offer suggestions for coping.

Don’t forget you can contact our helpline and speak to our local advisers on 0808 800 0303. They are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Best wishes,
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Nope, I don’t know much about. But I would like to learn. Thank you!

Yep, absolutely. I’m 50, diagnosed almost 4 years ago. Hand cramps were one of the first things I noticed, many years before my diagnoses. My problems were with using tools such as pliers or garden sheers, my hands would cramp up and become really sore.

Hi, I’m 53.
My fingers cramp the same with pliers (I used to make jewelry) scissors, wooden spoon (cooking) and crocheting. I have to stop and prise my fingers one by one off the tool, then massage them. I can’t sew anymore. Basketry, pottery, textiles; all sit unfinished. I’m so bored I’ve picked all the skin off my fingers. Thank God for Audiobooks! I hope you find him relief. Perhaps a handcream with magnesium? A warm soak?

Hand pain/cramps was one of my first symptoms before being diagnosed. I also had a strange pain in the end joint of my middle finger. Medication controls these symptoms well.