HandSteady Mug

Has anyone bought a Handsteady Mug from HandSteady Ltd,and how did you find it ?
Is it worth the money . I dont mind paying for one but if I can find someone to recommend it I would be happier going on a recommendation rather then a promise of my money back if not satisfied.

Stephanie T

£40 is a bit (actually a lot) too expensive for a cup!! especially if it doesn't work!!

Yes ,that's what I thought £40 is a lot of money which I can not realy afford for a mug but if it works I would ask for one out of birthday money instead of something I would put into a drawer never to be used .What price can you put on something that makes life easier .Before I get one I would like to hear more about it .:confused:

Yes ai bought one for my husband . It is expensive !!

The principal is very good but My husband has a problem with tipping it back and getting his nose into it with the lid on .

My husband has poor hand wrist control though . At the same time I bought a one way plastic straw , it has helped his choking .

You can use the straw with any mug / cup .These are not expensive , I cannot remember which site I got it from .

google . one way drinking straw .!!

The Naidex exhibition at the NEC in Birminghan is well worth a visit if you can get there. Various aids and adaptations on show including special mugs, plates and cutlery. The exhibitors will be able to advise you.