Handy Hints

I thought it would be a nice to share our ideas for making life a little easier. For the ladies I have found a stretchy pull on bra which is very comfortable, no fastenings or strap adjustments. It is the Belvia.
Also my Summer blouses have small buttons, so I bought some camisole tops which I wear under neath and don't need to do up the buttons. You can make new outfits with a little imagination without spending.
I hope the men can contribute too.
Best wishes for the coming year,

Was talking to my friend and put her name instead of mine!

Silly Billy

Hi Iris

Good idea about the stretchy bra! It does work very well. I bought one from Avon a couple of months ago and it is very comfortable. For information it's in the current Avon Book and on sale for £6.99 (normally £10).

Stretchy bras, ah the memories, me and my teenage buddies,,wait for it wait,,
we used them to fire potatoes at each other, great fun, also if you put them in
the freezer, (the potatoes) they became Anti Tank Potatoes ,hurt like hell, I
eventually grew out of this somewhat dangerous hobby when my dad,, god rest his
soul,,cracked me around the lug in a rather aggressive manner , apparently he couldn't have his Egg and Chips. Happy Days.

Really Fed, I never imagined you as being so badly behaved as a child ! The worst thing I ever did was scrumping for apples. Love Blue Angel x


I find my hand held vacuum cleaner really useful. It saves trying to get the full sized vacuum out of the cupboard for a few crumbs, plus it is much easier to use on the stairs.


I buy pants at least two sizes too big as they're easier to pull up, oh and matching leggings with everything, again easier to pull up than tights.

I'd actually started writing what was going to be a book/blog about this but have taken a new direction again as am awaiting cancer diagnosis (tomorrow, my birthday). Not looking for sympathy but where did I put my lemon squeezer? Philippe Starck obviously.


Apologies for off topic


Hi everyone

If you still add sugar to drinks,change to sugar cubes. I find it easier to pop in with fingers than using a spoon, no spills.As they are well packed,I loosen them into an easy to  open tin. Apologies if this has already been a hint.

Happy Easter