Happiness is a choice



Since my dg in Sept 2013 I have accumulated a lot of wisdom concerning living a happy and purposeful life. Heres what I have learnt.

  • Accept your pd dg for what it is, being angry does not help. 
  • learn about pd.
  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.
  • Explore alternative therapies,such as Tai Chi or Reiki.
  • Look at every day as a gift, live it and love it.
  • Accept your limitations, but believe that anything is possible.
  • Do something that you enjoy every day.
  • Accept set backs and move on.
  • Do something for someone else every day, Simply say "I love you" or just give thanks.
  • Get out in nature if you can.
  • Recognise the good things in your life.
  • Remember, the human spirit is immensely powerful.
  • Live life with love and from the heart , and doors will open.
  • Choose to be happy.


Just wanted to say I really like this post.

Thank you :)





Lovely post - when you are exploring alternative therapies, you must try Conductive Education, it's top of my list It helps me to carry on living a happy and purposeful life, I am sure it can help you too. Good luck.




  Hello Treehugger, I have been using your exact words as a guide for roughly about two years now, but never really gave much thought to the life I lead, it just slowly dawned on me that its the only way, and it is, I try each day to make someone elses life a little better, I know mine is going down like a lead filled titanic, but  I wont make others suffer along with me, it was nice to see your words though and your aquaintance.

                                       Kind Regards  FED



Happiness is a rod in the hand wink

Angling is therapy for the mind and for me it encompasses everything in tree huggers post.

I love angling

my mind can engage with it, trial's and tribulations of problem solving.

excercising the mind and physically too exercise and fine movements.

learning my current limitations and trying too expand apon them.

Being as close as i can be too nature, enjoying it and seeing it and learning from it.


Ocasionally but not always the most important part the capture and return of a fish unharmed through my efforts.


Good sentiments, you can live with a condition, or be dying from it. Same thing except for the state of mind it induces.

You don't choose the cards you're dealt, but you sure can choose how to play them.



Thanks for that, I have not heard of Conductive Education so I will investigate. Great to hear it works for you.



Hi treehugger. As person also diagnosed in2013 and a reiki practioner i could only totally agree with your statments. Reiki is my path and saviour though. We are the creators of our own realities and lives. Its best to keep them happy. All the best sunnybear


Hi sunnybear

Like you Reiki has been one of many things that brings joy and happiness into my life. I have completed Reiki 1 so far, and my sister is a Reiki master and she gives me regular treatments, and I am convinced that it has a positive impact on my symptoms and life. Nice to make you acquaintance treehugger.


Hi treehugger. Lovely to chat to a fellow reiki advercate. I am just finishing my 4th level in reiki. I have been studing it for a few years before pd diagnosis. It is such a beautiful and gentle yet powerful experience. It certainly looks after me and many of my friends annd family who i give treatments to. When life is harsh and too dificult to understand i go off to my room and spend an hour with meditation and reiki and it all makes sense and is ok again. I love it and wish everyone could experience its gifts. Do you self heal regularly treehugger. Best wishes sunniebear


Hi sunnybear

Likewise I would love it if everyone whether healthy or living with an illness could experience the beauty of Reiki, it has the power to transform lives. After a treatment my symptoms improve, but more importantly I feel calm and peaceful and this together with self treatment, meditation, walking in nature and a peaceful home life help to keep me balanced and grounded. All the best treehugger.


Hi Teehugger hows it going. My life is continually changing. As a family many events have made me look at

Life from diffrerent prespectives and also friendships keep changing not to mention pd and its many  surprises . Its odd looking back. i have changed due to pd. Apart from ill days, im  probably a much better

person now. Life goes so fast . We just hAve to enjoy it. Treasure hunt each day or simple but joyous things.





 I  have just noticed the time  02.24 so  this will be short I agree .

                                        night all            FED


Didn't happiness used to be a cigar, called Hamlet (cue some smoke filled room double-bass (accompanied by piano) tune)?

How times change.

The targetted £12bn in welfare savings listed in the Tory manifesto don't read well for any of us with Parkinson's now the results are in, but let's hope PwPs are not too high on Mr Camerons hit-list.



With that I could do with a hamlet.

The trouble is we don't know what those 12 billion cuts are of they'll be limited too 12 billion ,No one during the election would tell the public when repeatedly asked time and time again by the Media, Myself i asked my local M.p repeatedly without answer and then i just looked at her voting record which read 

Voted for continued cuts and no investigation of the impact of austerity.

She and they have been voted in as the Government, we don't have the benefit of the liberal coalition this time, So i am very fearful that there will be No Restraint unless Org's such as PDUK actively step forward too protect us. The Reality is Ian duncan smith is a very evil heartless man who has fueled the Public's belief along with elements of the Media that benefit claimants regardless of illness are the Scum of the earth and responsible for All our countries woes. there is a real hatred in the Air. None of these party leader's have helped the poor,sick or disabled of this country by resigning it is and will be a very Dark 5 yr's for this country.



Oh Sea Angler, I am beyond despair!

How did so many allow themselves to be brainwashed by the 5 Tory  billionaires who own 85%of the newspapers into electing a government who will concentrate on enriching the tiny number who fund them?