Happy Easter! PLEASE READ

Hi all,

We just wanted to remind you all that our helpline service will be open at limited times over the Easter period. It can be very busy during this time, so the Helpline’s focus will be on dealing with medical enquiries as these are the greatest priority for people with Parkinson’s.

Please see the timings below:

  • 29/03 - open until 7pm

  • 30/03 - closed

  • 31/03 - open 10am-2pm

  • 01/04 - closed 02/04 - closed

  • 03/04 - open 9am-7pm

You can still find up to date information and support on our website: parkinsons.org.uk

If your query is of an urgent medical nature, please contact your GP, emergency services or, in England and Scotland, call NHS 111 by dialing 111; in Wales, call NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47; in Northern Ireland, you can call emergencies services or your GP.

Many thanks,