Happy Feet?

Have you got any tips or hints for dealing with foot care problems caused by your Parkinson’s? We’re hoping to include an article on looking after your feet in the next issue of The Parkinson and would love to hear your suggestions.

My husband has had Parkinson's for nearly 14 years. He had developed toes clawing and his GP suggested he had surgery to correct it.

He couldn't face it for years but plucked up the courage and had it done a year ago.

He had no general anaesthetic and recovered very quickly.

His walking is very much better and we are both cross we didn't go this route years ago.

Perhaps other sufferers would like to know about the new ways of operating on feet with epidurals and ankle blocks and the great results leading to mobility improvements?


My toes claw on one foot and the nails have hardened. The nail of my big toe was removed because it

was cutting into the flesh. This was quick and efficient and healed well. I see the podiatrist every three

months on the  NHS. Meanwhile I soak my feet almost every day for just ten mins and massage them with

balm. I find that since I started this routine my feet have improved greatly.

A good exercise to reduce the tendency to cramping  in  feet/toes (don't know about full blown distonia) is rolling a tennis sized ball back and forth under the sole of your foot from heel to toe with a certain amount of pressure.  This enables me to stretch my feet/toes which is good without provoking  the very  cramps I am  doing the exercise for.  I do this as part of my regular exercise.  It might help when you actually have a cramp.but I've not tried it.