Happy New year greeting's

May I take this opportunity to wish al the members of this forum the very best wishes for a happy new year.

The same goes for all the staff at Parkinson's Uk some of whom I will be seeing on Jan 13th.


Kindest wishes BB (Karen) xxx



I cant say ive looked at age on here only the challenges we face together, we all have different interests in life i grant you, many of my interests ive shared with life long friends many much older than myself and took youngsters under my wing in those same interests in Angling or passing on skills those now long gone taught me, i'm a little old now too be wearing a baseball cap side on lol or keep up with the latest 'app'. there is a group close by, but i just haven't found time, equally my Pd nurse & local Pd people have been trying too set one up for 'working age' sufferers i haven't found time for that either, or found much on facebook.

Anyway happy & healthy new year.


i must be getting old cos i even posted it on a different Thread lol anyway happy new year.

Happy New Year to all my fellow PWP.May all your daily events be mild and taken with a good sense of humour only a PWP could muster.lol

Best wishes


big grin

Happy new year to everyone may the new year bring you all you wish for except one thing so you always have something to strive for.

   Live well.  Cc

this is so true we all need something in our lives to strive for.

hope your doing ok CC 

respectfully BB xx

A very Happy and Healthy 2016 to everyone on the Parky forums and especially to our wonderful friends and families who give us so much love and support whilst we battle on with the fight against this disease. Thank you to you all.....keep smiling folks 

Love Dolly xx

You to Dolly XX BB.


Wishing everyone on here all the best for the New Year and a huge thank you to all those that have given me advice and encouragement since I was diagnosed in November. Ok, onward we go!!!!

sue x


Yep I'm still plugging away at life , doing the best I can while I can ,

seem to struggle with things to post on here at the moment so although I come on regular i don't say to much,

I think im just about getting my head around the Lewy body dx though im not sure if that's possible or if it's the progression of the illness ? Bit of a catch 22 really , still I now have meds for that as well as pd though hard to say if there any use or not  .

Hope things are going as well as possible for you and yours .

  Live well.  Cc


Hi CC      Glad to hear you are still 'plugging' away, and wish you all the best for the new year with improving health and lots of happiness. 

Take care - luv Sheffy