Happy New Year

Here's wishing all those suffering with Pd and their other halves a very Happy New Year.

Let's all pray that 2013 brings a breakthrough in research and an end to the suffering that so many of you endure.

Let's also all try to publicise PD and it's effects and try everything we can do arrange/sponsor events that may bring that day closer.

Has Parkinson's Uk got anything planned to arrange national/global events/campaigns that we could all contribute/participate to/in?

It needs to be vibrant and hard hitting as I think Pd is below the radar of many and does not get the attention of other diseases e.g. Cancer
Hello Davech
Happy New Year, may the year 2013 bring god fortune and good health and above
a cure for this horror that haunts all with PD
Best Wishes to you Sir and all your family
Hi davech - and a very Happy New Year to you too! In response to your question about a national campaign, last month we launched our first ever national public awareness campaign, with adverts across the UK on the rail network, billboards and in national press. See http://bit.ly/XSVJzc for more details.

Thanks for your support.