Happy New Year

 I hope everyone had a good christmas ?

I have not been around on the forum much lately i have had a few health issues  to deal with got a couple of hospital appointments coming up which will hopefully sort things out for me and i can start catching up on some posts on the forum

Happy New Year xx

I'm sorry to hear that you're having more health problems.  I hope the hospital visits will solve them. 

Thanks for your New Year message.  My Christmas with my son and his family went very well, and I had lots of time with my two grandchildren.  Then I spent New Year's Eve with longtime friends who recently moved to my neighborhood. 

Wishing you and other forum members a healthy, happy 2015!


Hi j of grey cottage and shelly65. Haven't posted for awhile. Have managed grinding it out with just azilect 1mg for coming up 2 yrs. have been slowing down a lot since Sept but still have managed good nordic walks most days and gym sessions. However really hoped to get additional meds when I visited consultant in Oct. i was supposed to see him 3 months earlier and they kept cancelling on me. When I finally saw him I was really stressed and upset and the result was he thought it best not to make a decision that day and left me 3 more months! Managed to enjoy a lovely cruise meanwhile, mostly on my husbands arm to keep steady. had xmas home and coped for 7 but since then have really got stiff and unsteady and made a resolution to change my doctor yesterday. My GP,has faxed him so I'm hoping I get an apptment very soon. Happy New Year to all.

Hi shelly j of grey cottage and Libby happy  new year to you all sorry to hear you haven't been to well shelly  hope you get well soon same goes for you Libby  had a good Christmas with daughter and grandkids and a quiet new year with hubby take care xx

Hello all, I wish us all the best new year we can have

With all good wishes


Whether you be a carer or a pwp, I  hope all your dreams and aspirations come true this New Year"

Best Wishes to all smiley

Hi Libby


Good for you. I know they have a busy schedule but they often seem so cavalier in how they resppod to symptoms.

And how  annoying.    Its the same when i or my friends go to the doctor about something which we have had for some time and they say "Leave it for x many weeks and then come back" to which you feel like shouting "But I already have left it for   x  many weeks/months - that why I've come to see you!!!"  grrr

Two of my friends in the past three years  have eventually been diagnosed and then  died with cancer whilst being fobbed off by the GP.  I'm not saying their particular outcome would have been any diffrerent but its all the same if it could have been different.

I  have suspected Polymyalgia and have been winding down off steroids for the past twelve months partly so the consultant can see how I am without meds.  I'll be walking with a stick next like I was last winter. the way I'm going - another month to go before rhe appointment.   I suppose I've got to believe this is the only way and I like/trust the rheumy but Hells Bells do they understand how much has to go on hold , e.g. travel insurance,,walking hols.etc. future commitments when you can not be sure how you wil be., etc. whilst the wheels of the NHS grind on,, blood test results get lost, locums stand in and know nothing etc.  This is turning into a rant so I'll stop..  Its thinking about plans for the coming year that's set me off

Best wishes,










Thanks Eileenpatricia and thelvegirl.

Its really nice to hear from people as it's easy to think you are all on your own.  I guess that's where support groups really help. Keeping my fingers crossed I get an appointment before long with new neuro. I am very lucky I have a very supportive husband. Don't lnow where I would be without him.  Will keep you informed.



Thank Jof Grey  and everyone for the best wishes ,

i agree about the medical proffesion cavalier attitude, i went to my gp with a swollen neck he told me i had a swelling in my thyroid  he referred to it has a goiter , i was given  a urgent referral to ear nose and throat i logged onto choose and book  the earliest appointment was 7 weeks away so much for urgent

i know someone who is really struggling at the moment been back and forth to her gp with various neurological problems for 2 years  only recentley she ended up in a and e because she was so ill  kept in overnight sent home next day told she needed to see a neurologist urgently  then told there is at least a 6 week wait indecision

Hi Shelly and Eileenpatricia and everyone.  

Saw my new neuro and he was terrific.  Said I just needed some levadopa and I'd be fine. He gave me a lot of confidence and I was so lucky to get a cancellation last week. Started on Sinamet 3 days ago on low and slow schedule. Only half a 100/25 tab with breakfast and lunch for a week whilst still continuing with Azilect. I then do it the same way for a week but including the dinner gradually increasing to a full tab 3 times a day after 4 weeks.  So far so good. No nausea and feeling particularly good after today when I did quite a lot of gardening.  Dr said it would take 4 to 5 weeks to completely kick but at least I am off to a good start.  Happy 2015 to all.