Happy New Year's Eve,,,

Well 2016 has a few hours left, what will 2017 bring? 

Who would have thought a year ago that:- Leicester city would be in the knockout phase of the champions league having won the premier league? The next US president would be the host of a reality TV programme? The prime minister would be out of parliament all together? British olympians would have the second highest medal haul in the world? 

So surely the new year will bring some positive PD news. Personally I'm getting bored with the headlines like, Parkinson's breakthrough, eating cake reduces Parkinson's tremors. Let's hope the new year brings some good news for us all. I'm tired of the daily struggle,when you think of the innovations over the past 10,20,30 years, I'm sure you echo my thoughts, that it is our turn now.......please!!


Yea I will second that, and keep my fingers and everything else crossed for that matter, but I won't hold my breath!

Happy New Year - Sheila 

Happy new year everyone

Happy new year Cheshire Cat I forgot about you long time since I heard of you hope your well 

Yep still alive and kicking, though the kicking isn't always voluntary,lol

not been on much as my head is not in the right place most of the time, good to see you and Sheffy are still keeping the natives in order , lol. Anyway have tea waiting so I'm off! 

   Live well. Cc

Aye aye cc my. Latest one is looking like my left Legs on a Pogo stick I bounce about the place all the time now , come over with a post now and then cc don't be a stranger eh , Christ if we ever all meet up we will be some looking outfit ha ha be there to see how I deal with that if nothing else boy will. It  no be the weirdest looking bunch of us ha ha !!! Tooraloo the noo



Hello my dear friend Cc, how's the cafe going I see it has been revived? Hope you are keeping well, you must join us on the post 'New to Group' i'm sure you're mad enough to and we have some fun, that's all you're required to have along with a sense of humour! 

Stay well - Sheila