Has anyone heard of or used GcMAF

Hi all, I am new to this forum as an elderly relative has recently been diagnosed with Parkinsons. After browsing, I came across this on another forum (I think its in America):

'It's something I'll be starting 18 weeks after I start GcMAF. He said he gave some to a relative with Parkinson's and that it really helped his tremors, and that he was able to cut the lawn on the riding mower for the first time in years or something. When we talked though it had only been a day or two and he didn't expect it to last, at least not without another application. I don't know how that turned out. I guess I can ask at my follow up visit in six months. '

I have asked on there if there has been any further news, but I am curious as to whether anyone else has used or knows of this GcMAF? The idea that someone can see such an improvement after just one dose is quite amazing, from what I can gather.....
If you type "GcMAF" into a Google box you get lots of info but it sounds a bit dodgy.
Not really a medical product and lots of invites to buy for around £500 for about 6 doses!
I'd like to know more in a "grasping at straws" mindframe but don't hold out much hope.
This sounds very dodgy, GcMAF activates macrophages which kill cells. Its supposed to help cancer patients by killing cancer cells. Macrophages are too big to cross the blood brain barrier and the brain has its own version of them called microglia. If anything,I would have thought that we wanted microglia to STOP killing cells rather than activate them to kill more! GcMAF is being flogged to cure cancer, hiv, autism, baldness etc. Sounds like someone's thought that parkies are a good source of desperate mugs too.
No accusation meant against the poster.
(if any of the medical stuff above is wrong please correct it)
I don't see that as an accusation :sunglasses:

I came across this snippet on another forum and it sounds like this guy gave his relative some of his own Gcmaf (so no medical guys trying to sell anything there) (but I dont know how long for). And that surprisingly gave the sufferer a boost so that he could regain some normality.

I dont know how or why it might have worked, hence I wondered if anyone else had had any experiences. After all, no-one knew how or why aspirin worked up until 30 odd years ago, but it does.....

I've posted on the forum where I picked up this info asking for any updates with his relative, and if I get any feedback I'll let you all know.
As you say,you never know and it if works it works. :sunglasses::sunglasses:
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It works especially when the person uses cannabis oil