Has anyone noticed

Summer seemed to suddenly arrive no springlike ushering in of warmth we went from
winter to summer in one fell swoop, this overnight change of seasons has completely wrecked my ability to deal with parky , it has reduced the effectiveness of Duodopa and caused old fed much unpleasantness, has anyone else
been affected in this way, I know I shouldn't moan but I am , who do I complain to , who is responsible for the broken weather I am at the end of my tether with
the weather,is there someone I can sue when the sky is permanently blue or should I grin and bear it in case (I SCARE IT) away the good weather that is, as you may
have noticed I am deep in the age old English custom of weathermoaning, the source of this completely wastefull and useless pastime lies way back with the
arrival of the Romans at North Shields in AD ? ages ago,they built a substantial
fort on both sides of the mouth of the Tyne but when completed they had loads of
blokes standing around bored with absolutely nowt to occupy them, suddenly with a flash of inspiration Emperor Hadrian said, right lads next job is the wall,I will
pay you 50 groats a Yard ( about 6p ) whoever finishes first will get a bonus of 100 groats ( 75p ) yes yes I know, but inflation was around even then, so they
began to build, non stop all weathers all seasons,now if you are lucky enough to
visit the WAL as it is known in Geordie land and it is a fine sunny day you are very very lucky, it seems to exist in perpetual autumn winter mode, hence the infectious weathermoaning, good eh.

Kindest Regards fed
Well, for a guy who is feeling down, you certainly maintain a strong sense of humor! I know, I know, sometimes that's all that keeps us going.

In the U.S. (western half, anyway) summer is coming and going. About every other week it's hot and every other week it's cool and windy. In general, I feel more energetic in the cool weather, rather lethargic in the heat. But I have noticed that when it's warmer, my occasional tremor goes away completely! Maybe I should consider moving to Hawaii or Tahiti and living out my life in lethargy.

Anyway, I wish you better days!
Hi Fedexlike,

I used to find a very small reduction in dopa meds worked for me. I guess it may be to do with sunshine and vitamin benefit - Though we are all different.

This summer with my BocowoA (herbs and oils mix) I am now off meds all together (for a trial period) and the muscles are still improving while the tremors continue to ease.

Hope you get back on an even keel asap.


Thank you J of Grey Cottage,and beauxreflets,your comments and opinions are as ever much valued, J I hope you don't mind me saying but you really do need a vast
bottomless pit of humour to live on your particular allotted block of our planet.
It seems that as with most things stateside everything is on a much larger scale,
and that includes the weather, you can go from plus 40C to minus 42C in one day,
from mild gentle balmy springs to 140mph Hurricanes and Twisters capable of lifting 130 ton locomotives off the tracks, and that's in summer, weird I have a cousin living in Oklahoma , he has been there over 40yrs and has had many near misses , the twisters sometimes avoiding his home by only 50 yards taking a few tiles from his roof while completely erasing neighbors homes he has been very
Lucky,and I wish you a huge slice of the same luck my friend,for when storms strike your homeland they do so with avengence, unfortunately we are under the
same ferocious weather systems this side of the Atlantic come winter time so I will make the most of the best summer we have had for some time.

Kindest Regards Fed
Hello beauxreflets, you seem to manage your meds well, I have the very efficent
Duodopa system, my PD is very complex and its my last hope as I am either too
intolerant or tolerant of all the other sweeties in the box,the drug pumped into my small intestine is Levadopa and normally it works well but the device needs
fine tuning this will happen in a week or two when my Duodopa Nurse visits me,
Parkinsons is a truly terrible evil affliction and it would test the very strongest of humankind , I am convinced a cure is near,I wish you all the very
best in your struggles , head up and fight back , we will prevail.
Kindest Regards Fed
Hi again, fedexlike --

You began your comments on the States with "I hope you don't mind me saying, but . . ." Be assured I do not mind. If I can't laugh at myself and my native country (remember, we're the morons who put George W. Bush in office!), I'd be a sad figure indeed. Yes, the weather patterns in the US vary wildly from one region to the next, but I must say that Oklahoma gets the worst of almost everything. The heat and humidity are nearly unbearable in the summer. Spring brings tornadoes. In winter it's flooding. My sister-in-law lives there and claims to like it. But my late husband used to laugh each time he watched television news, because the red spot on the map, warning of some crisis or that day's worst weather, was almost always right over Oklahoma, his sister's choice. However, he was a native Californian and I was a transplant who lived there over 50 years; and that state has predictable problems, too. Every winter there are heavy rains on the rock-hard clay soil, resulting in floods. Where the soil is softer, hurray! there are mudslides instead. No rain falls from late spring until autumn, making summer the season of grass and brush fires. So I cannot argue with your assessment overall.

I now live in the Northwest in a region with a climate like that of southern England or northern France. We get more rain and cloudy days than most people like, but I think it's the best climate I've known. Besides, my cottage is always grey anyway.

Kind regards in return! J
biggrin::]As you can see J YOU DONT MIND ME CALLING YOU J I HOPE, I am in a very happy frame of mind this morning, we have a dear friend staying with us and she always cheers me up , she has a bubbly personality and is always happy and cheerful , so I have planned a run out into the Northumbrian countryside its a fine sunny very warm day and I am really pleased to be alive. What a contrast to
last week when I was in crisis. We intend visiting Wallington Hall, a fantastic
National Trust property and Kirkharle which is a small shopping complex in the heart of the most beautiful rolling green countryside.
One other piece of good news, I am about to purchase my first Helicopter I take possession of this very expensive piece of kit on Sunday, I have been taking flight lessons from a mate of mine who is a QFI and I cant wait for Sunday
Watch this space all youse ,well I am off for a shave , I will be nagged in both ears but I can take it, bye for now
Best wishes to all Fedex
Hi J,

You live in a really great part of the world- I envy you ( just a bit ).

With family living in California, I have been lucky enough to experience some of the extremes of weather that you have over there, from desert heat at 125f to minus ? In the snow ,tropical storms in Florida and dust devils/mini tornados outside Palm Springs and Death Valley.

Love it.

Best regards.
Hey Fed,

Bit drastic that eh ?

I've heard of getting a clean shave , but using a helo ?

Good on you, C C rider !
Hi. Fed, I. Would just. Like. To. Say. I love. You. Dearly, as a friend. So Please. Take. Care In that helicopter. Good luck ! And I Hope You Nd your Friend HaveA lovely Day Out. Love. BLue Angel x
Good morning Mike700 and dear Blue Angel, I must apologise I meant to follow up the post on the Helicopter, its four and a half ft long,one of the largest precision Engineered examples you can buy, because of its size I took a course of flying lessons plus I purchased some very realistic software enabling the creation of thousands of emergency situations ,this allows me to practice flying the big bird without killing somebody or writing off the very exspensive
machine. It will be Hangered in my workshop due to its size, I also intend to make air to ground videos and only this morning I have recived a enquiry from a friend of mine , he is a Archeologist and there is a very real possibility of a
contract to take video evidence of possible sites,as the JetRanger is cleared to carry pay loads of 12lbs it has more than enough spare capacity to carry a video camera,there are dangers operating model rotor craft not least being personal injury when the main rotor is turning even at tickover it will remove the fingers of the unwary plus the dangers of plouging into structures or people is very likely to the unskilled but no worries I have a certificate of competence , I had to attain this certification in order to use the machine for commercial purposes
also I am insured for the same reason. So there you have it, I will post my posts
on this exiting new venture and keep you updated how things progressed, incidently
I cannot tell you the cost of this enterprise, but the Ranger itself was the same
price as a two year old VW POLO so you can see I am very serious about this
Hi fedexlike,

please do post on how it goes - flying a helicopter has always been a big dream for me since a kid - and it's great to see that you're doing it!!!

The closest I got so far was a 30 min flying lesson (where I realized it was a lot harder to keep that thing stable than I'd ever imagined) - but owning one seems like heaven - would much appreciate if you had any advice/insight on how to go about actually buying one and using it with a reasonable budget.


Hey Fed,

That is a really expensive way to shave.

Just been looking at Google images, Looks like your going to have a really great summer.

What controls do you have ?, are they the same as a full size job I.e. the two 'C' sticks ( CC rider ! ) and anti torque pedals etc. - obviously in a different format?

Coordination is still the big thing I guess, and how long did it take you to master this tricky skill?

Fantastic that there is space for a camera on board, perhaps you can publish something for us to see, eventually?

Anyway the very best of luck and enjoy!

Look forward to updates.


And so my misfortune continues,the Model Engineer building the Helo has informed me that his workshop was broken into last night, guess what was stolen, yes folks
the very fine model of a Jetranger due to be delivered here today,along with a
fixed wing one twelfth scale F100 Super Sabre and a WW2 German Half Track, not content with theft the morons also trashed the place destroying priceless detailed plans of Aircraft supplied by the manufacturers of some very rare icons
of Avation,to say I am angry is a bit of a understatement its not the first time this has occurred he lost over Β£10,000 worth of models and equipment two years ago
none of which were recovered,its just as well he did not ask for a deposit he never accepts payment until the customer is satisfied,well that isn't going to
happen any time soon and it will take months to repair the damage never mind replace the work carried out,I don't think he will continue as the last incident
almost killed him, his work is super detailed and the poor man was crushed by the actions of these wicked people, and just to compound the situation his insurance
ran out at the end of June ,I hope whoever is responsible has something very
unpleasant happen to them for they have more than likely ended the lifelong work
of a very special person or possibly even ended his life.
Oh, what a tragic story! There are so few people in the world with the talent, patience, and dedication to do such work. Then to have one of them utterly devastated by irresponsible, cruel creeps on the other end of the social scale -- it's just reprehensible. I have some small notion of the work that goes into detailed model aircraft, because my husband flew remote-control planes for years. He built some, purchased some. The craftsmanship involved always amazed me.

And I'm sorry for your share of the loss, too. It sounded like such an exciting prospect. Nothing I can say will really help. So sorry . . .
Hey Fed,

Very sorry to hear the news of the helo - keep your chin up, at the very least you haven't lost any money. Perhaps you should persuade your guy to start again, may be the best thing for both of you.

Just a little break take a look at Ch4 at 8 p.m. You'll forget your troubles for an hour.
Hello Mike700 and J , first thanks for reminding me on the Mosquito Mike and J
your words are true , there are words that Icould use but not on this forum,
We have a possible way of getting back on track using parts from three separate
machines to make one so it may go after all ,will keep you updated.
Kind Regards Fed
Hey Fed,

I hope it all works out well for you - keep your pecker up.

Glad you liked the Mosquito programme, I see that the guy was in a wheelchair but still flying solo.

A guy I know from the Bristol area is alΕ›o in a wheelchair and yet flies his own aeroplane, and drives a Honda Gold Wing Tricycle .

Just proves that it can be done eh?

I'd like to take Mr.Parkinson for a nice flight, over the North Sea, and push the B. out without a parachute.


Hello Mike700
Without a parachute I would assist you gladly. With regard to the mossie isn't
it sad that so few were kept in good nick after the war, I know they had major
problems with the wood airframe rotting but there was a culture of"get rid quick"
after the war and hundreds of these iconic Aircraft were simply burnt, also why
didn't someone in authority sanction the preservation of two or three Halifax
bombers alo there are no Short Stirlings left ,The RAFs first four engine heavy
all trashed in indecent haste, we should rejoice however as there will soon be
three Avro Lancasters flying that's a definite with possibly another four, what a spectacle that would be eh Mike seven Lancs in formation.
Regarding the Helo project my son and I managed to purchase three of these complicated rotor craft and have enough parts to make a even larger model, powered
by a very neat turbine engine which generates a even neater 20SHP ,incredible for
such a small turboshaft power pack I will inform of progress, Lady luck still
wont give old fed a break however as while testing this turbine in the Airframe
the clutch mechanism suffered total disintegration, pieces of metal struck me in the head , not that it could do any harm there, the puncture wounds were bad enough for a couple of staples but I had no intention of taking up their time in
Casualty so we used Ductape with a dressing of course, Ductape is very good for holding wounds tight and stops leakage from all but the most serious of lacerations.
Well I am off to battle the SLEEP DEMONS now good night all
Kindest Regards fed
PS beloved is not happy with Ductape repairs to fed and insists on a visit to out patients tomorrow well today, but I am not going, she said I looked silly, well
that's OK then , the sillier the better eh Mike, take care mate.
If you had only ducked a little, you could have ducked having to use the ductape - quackers eh?

I used to know a Mosquito driver, who transferred from Hurricanes apparently because he was too tall to fit the H. Comfortably - long gone now unfortunately. I met another H. Driver a couple of times , years ago , who 's wife was Patron of a local Scout District and I was a Group Scout Leader and County adviser on Parachuting at the time.

We had the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire over West Berkshire two weeks back and I did climb into a Lanc a few years back, but the really interesting RH seat was in the Spruce Goose in Long Beach, and I have been in the RH seat of a BA Concorde, at Heathrow - that was a privilege I'll not forget.

If you're interested, I'll p.m. some other similar info to you.