Has anyone seen this film?


I have lived with Parkinson's for 17 years (I'm now 50).I have had most symptoms and have had many ups and downs.However, I have also picked myself up ,dusted myself down and having adjusted, got on with my life.I am quite happy to email anyone about any topic to do with PD.
Has anyone seen the Ann Hathaway film,"Love and other drugs" It is a romantic comedy.The central character is diagnosed with PD and how she feels about herself is at the centre of how her relationship develops. i think it is a good balance of comedy/romance and Parkinson's and would recommend that you see it if you get the chance.

look forward to seeing it but first need to recover from toy story 3.
read the plot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_and_Other_Drugs#Plot
perhaps better to see to home with box of tissues!
Hi Megan, I started a thread about this film in daily life section, dated 18 Dec. I haven't seen the film itself yet. I was interested in how it might approach the issue of relationships. Be interested to hear of anyone's reactions to the film on this issue. Though in retrospect realised that is a very personal subject for public forum.
regards, Jo
Sorry Joe, just read your thread.

Other peoples opinions about films always fascinate me.I read several reviews before going to see it,which is unusual for me. It was difficult to find one that mentioned the word "Parkinson's" . In true Hollywood style they concentrate on the romantic comedy and of course Ann Hathaway. She is rather stunning! The relationship that develops between them(Ann and Jake) has Parkinson's gnawing away at it, in danger of ending it for good, as it tests their love for each other and Jakes's staying power.Parkinson's plays quite a central role in fact ,undeniably so . I was moved in two particular places as their reflections on their relationship rang true.I felt good to be watching a main stream film with Parkinson's at its core. In fact I wanted to stand up when the film had finished and tell everyone that i also had Parkinson's.Thankfully the friend I was with stopped me from doing so!

I wonder if we could persuade our local cinemas to have collection tins for us!!

Hi Megan, your reply was very interesting, especially that the film left you wanting to announce PD to the cinema! Maybe by the time it comes out in the UK I will be brave enough to go and see it. Films are powerful things (even Hollywood romances on occasion) particularly when they resonate with you personally. I also have a degree of respect for Jake Gyllenhaal who has chosen roles of some depth in the past. Gosh I hope he doesn't let me down!
We will definitely go and see it.Will let you know.
Saw Love & Other Drugs tonight. Great film. Maggie (Anne Hathaway) has young onset parkinson's and all through the film i was impressed with her portrayal of the frustrations, up's and down's of living with parkinson's. I too felt the urge to stand up and announce that i had Parkinson's and to tell everyone about living with parkinson's and how good the film had shown the difficulties we have to overcome. I would recommend seeing Love & Other Drugs as it shows how you can get on with your life and the relief of meeting others with parkinson's and realising you are not on your own. Many people find it hard to go along to a branch meeting, the film showed just what an impact meeting others can have on your attitude to living with parkinson's. Well done Anne and Jake for dealing with this frustrating disease in what i felt was a sensitive but truthful way.
Saw it last night and was very good, very heart wrenching honest portrayal. I was fascinated to listen to peoples reaction to the Maggie character scenes, there were lots of ahhhhhhhh bless her gasps from the audience when she struggled. I went to see this film with my daughter (and please it not a 15 for nothing lots of sex) and she cried and said Mum now I get it lol.
Now all im waiting for is Jake? he he.
Hi everyone,
Saw the film yesterday. I think my reaction is a little different.
I wished that the central characters had been a bit more likeable , I was not convinced that Jamie would turn out to have the staying power to support Maggie.
His lifestyle was so self centred , I think a miracle would be needed for him to change.
The Parkinson's condition was illustrated by a couple of key scenes. I think more could have been included.
If it's made, I think the sequel , where we see how life pans out for the two main characters, will be the more interesting and satisfying film.
Tis Hollywood Im afraid and for them to show it in all its ugliness would never happen, sex sells and diseases dont.
At least it was mentioned in the original trailer they never mentioned that Maggie had parkinsons at all.
Im in a new relationship and often react to my partner the same way Maggie did and 10 years from now he might not be around but can you say that of anybody?
I enjoy the moment, I love what I can now and if Jake come along Im ofski lol
Having sat through a packed showing of the film a couple of days ago,i have got to admit to feeling rather let down.Having no mention of pd in any write ups prior to going,i wondered why.Well the reason was clear sat amongst the predominately young audience expecting a teen flick comedy with plenty of sex and bad language.That is exactly what they got.
I think the whole parkinsons issue was lost on most of the audience,who were up and down,mobiles going off and talking.I think most of them were expecting graphic scenes of drug taking,not a salespersons slant on Prozac and viagra.
Jamie i found irritating and selfish and realistically could not believe in any sincerity from his character.I went along with my Wife and both believe that apart from a couple of scenes,in particular the trying to open her meds scene,parkinsons was not shown in a good or realistic light.
It gave the impression that Maggie craved sex all the time,was this a medication side effect hint.The meeting i thought was dealt with in a cavalier way,in some respects a bit of light heartedness gone to far.I looked around at the audience and thought,if you are relating this to parkinsons then you are getting a very negative impression.Indeed,an impression of confusion or lost the plot in relation to those with pd.
I suppose i was expecting too much

I dont know whether this was the drugs that fuelled her desire for sex, but I can remember being 26 it was not that long ago and I was not on any drugs, shall we just say being in your twenties can be fun, combine that with a prognosis of seeing your future decline I think your going to go a little wild (not that I consider her behaviour wild to me just having fun). It couldn't quite make up its mind what it was rom com sad love story back to rom com back to PD got quite confusing but I suspect that it was probably a little deeper than this and the studio often insist on changes after audience reviews. I think the hardest hitting scene was by far the partner of the wife with PD told Jamie to run away.......that upset me greatly.
I went to see it a couple of days ago with my 70yr old mother and my husband. I'm 48 and have Parkinsons. I'm no prude but blimey i'm glad i did'nt take my 15yr old niece! We felt the sex was overdone and overshadowed the the main issue i.e young woman struggling to live with parkinsons .The scene with her struggling to open the cereal packet struck a cord and i agree the bit where he is told to run away while he had the chance was a bit upsetting. It made me hold my husbands hand that little bit tighter!I don't think the film did anything to dispel myths or misconceptions about parkinsons and all in all a bit of a letdown. would i recommend it, No save your money!:grin:
I saaw the film last night and thought it was well good. It is not a health information film about Parkinsons - it's a funny, sexy film about two people - one of whom has Parkinsons.Isn't that precisely the point as articulated by Anne Hathaway.She does not want to be defined by Parkinsons - she has a life outside of having Parkinsons - so i think any more concentration on the Parkinsons would have defeated the point of the film.
I saw the film with my wife, sister and brother-in-law. I think they had agreed to go mainly for my benefit. Somewhat to their surprise they enjoyed it, and my brother-in-law stayed awake throughout, whereas he usually falls asleep at some point. It is well acted, and very funny in parts, although it gets serious in the last 40 minutes or so. There are several tasteful but raunchy sex scenes, and the language is often "adult". The audience laughed out loud many times, and oohed and expressed appropriate disgust at characters a few times. The handling of PD is underplayed if anything, and is sensitive and reasonably accurate. I don't think more prominence should have been given to PD.
If you intend to take your partner, be aware that it raises difficult questions about relationships, and at one point a minor character expresses a provocative view that might be upsetting for partners.
When this eventually gets shown on TV, it will probably get two or three stars, so it's by no means an all-time great film, but it is competently done, and for us it is notable for its significant handling of PD.
I fully agree with Lanto. I have had Parkinson's for nearly 14 years and most of that time i have tried to live a 'normal' life and not allow Parkinson's to run my life for me. I thought the film showed that you can live with Parkinson's and at 26 Maggie's life was probably more 'normal' than some of you remember! It showed how two young free and single people can begin to take life seriously when a major event occurs in their life but they can also continue to have a great time.
I went on tuesday afternoon with my husband, who has Parkinson's, and the theatre was nearly empty. I can't say that I enjoyed the film. When the husband was advising Jamie to go it left an uncomfortable feeling between OH and me. I didn't know what to say apart from putting my hand on his arm. We only went to see the film because of the PD connection but I wish I hadn't.
After all these mixed reviews I think I will wait for it to come out on rental dvd and watch it at home
I saw it tonight and found it a very mixed bag indeed. Gyllenhall is great looking and very believable as a shallow sexual predator. She is tetchy, feisty and knows what she wants from the wham bam but isolated world she inhabits. If anything she is the better actor of the two but not many ladies will agree.
The language is no worse than the School Playground or "The Commitments". The sex is raunchy but not titillating ( could be my age) and is nothing worse that TV's Tudors.
The key scene in the film is a conversation between Gyllenhall and a Carer right after a scene where PWP's speak positively about living and coping with Parkinsons.
I had a numb bum when I got up but I do think it worth while seeing it on the Big Screen. If nothing else it will help raise awareness but a lot of it I think went above the heads of what was essentially a very young audience.
Having read everyone's views so far has been extremely interesting and helped me decide also to watch it at home! I am most curious to see the film but have realised that having to psyche oneself up for a viewing that will likely prove a bit of a risk in terms of emotional roller coaster does not make it 'entertainment ' alone - best at home where it's cosy!