Has anyone suffered delirium after admission to hospital related to disruption in Parkinson drug routine?

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Hello my name’s Bridgette. Its my hubby who has Parkinson’s. He was diagnosed last March. Hes 70 now but we have known something strange was going on for the last 4/5 years. Me especially, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what these symptoms were. Used to say to my best friend, there’s something wrong with him but I’m not sure what so when he was diagnosed it was kind of a relief to us both. The worst thing at the moment is the dreams/nightmares. I’ve had to move into another bedroom as I get kicked, punched, nipped and awoken by his screams.I feel so sorry for him as I can wake him up but then as soon as He goes back to sleep they start again. He did suffer with this before diagnosis but we’re told it’s all related to PD. My question is do these sort of things subside or stay forever??

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Looking for the post about hospital admission and delirium but can’t find it…help please?

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Hi goldengirl,

I’m afraid I can’t locate the post that you’re referring to, however, I will respond to AnnieMac37’s post as soon as I can.


Hi Golden Girl. I asked the question