Has anyone tried this?

Hello and good afternoon to one and all.

As you know I am trying to find out all I can about PD and be able to help my Brother. Last night I trawled the net searching for anything and everything that might help, I came across another Parkinson's forum and on reading some of their topics came across one on FAVA BEANS......have any of you tried this or know anything about it? According to the writer of the topic Aunt Bean, she has harvested these and they have worked wonders for her......


there's a lot of info on neurotalk in the USA (where Aunt Bean is )

try http://neurotalk.psychcentral.com/thread150715.html

Butterfly on here has been taking them :grin:
Thanks for you quick reply Krugen and the info. If Butterfly is around would he/she be good enough to let me know if they were any good.

Fava beans or as we call them in the UK "broad beans", are a natural source of Levadopa. Broad beans are supposed to be very rich in Levadopa. Of course there will always be people who will state, eating lots of broad beans combats PD. However just one little warning, if your already taking Levadopa based meds or any monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, then be very careful eating lots and lots of broad beans on top of this? You could put yourself at risk of some unwanted side effects Such as dyskinesia. However I'm sure like everything if eaten in moderation then it should be fine.
Thanks for that BLUEEYES I have a hurty head and are nearly cross-eyed from all the reading I have been doing. Brother even when a child was never good at eating his greens doubt I'd be able to get him to now....oh well onwards and upwards.

I have started to eat fava beans recently. (We call them broad beans in Britain). They have started to sell frozen ones in Tesco's. I am not on any medication so I don't have to worry about overdosing on levadopa. I didn't really notice anything much different, and when I ran out of them I didn't give it much thought. However both times this happened I noticed (in hindsight) that each time I started eating them regularly again, my muscle rigidity eased. Whether it was just coincidence I'm not sure, it's early days. I haven't eaten them for a couple of weeks and I'm just starting again now, so it will be interesting to see if there's another improvement because my arm is really painful again.
Prior to going onto prescribed meds I tried the broad beans and I must say that they seemed to work to a certain degree. The downside of it is that I was eating about 25 broad beans every day and it got very boring. I must have been Tesco's best customer for frozen broad beans !!
Thanks for that Pauline........forgive me but it made me chuckle

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