Has our Care become like brexit?





Is it just me?

When i was diagnosed I was told i would have all this support.

I was given medication, the amount has been adjusted to suit me personally, it works for me.

But now

The direction seems to be at appointment i get the feeling of analysing and dismissal or justification.

If the meds didn't work they'd be questions or questioned why?

But the meds do work and are working.

Last year he wanted me to change my medication by rolling it into Stalevo which would in fact be a generic Pill stanek.

If Madopar works why would you want too throw it out?.

Like Brexit it seems not to be the result he wants.

So Am i the only one who feels like our care seems to be Continual analysing? instead of Support?.





hi sea angler  ,  have you watched film 2016  i, daniel blake this is something to get your teeth into,as for care i am very lucky as for the dbs gives me advantages i robot

I did feel that way until  Duodopa came along, it has maintained a level of stability  that i could not maintain pre  Ddopa and has done so with 87% success