Have a banana?

Gus raised the issue of bananas and their deteriorating effect on levodopa.

Since I eat more bananas than the average chimp I thought it worth looking into.

I found 3 articles


This refered to one patientt who had a reaction.to levodopa.


This referred to EC Dopryl administered to rats. EC Dopryl is similar to madopar


This referred to Levodopa and bananas / vitamin b6 levodopa/carbadopa were deemed ok.


I concluded banana ok with sinamet but not madopar

however be aware generally of any adverse reaction



Bananas, especially the skin, contain large amounts of dopamine. Standard thinking is that this will not get through the BBB. However, liposomal preparations may get through.


I'm prob wrong, but as i understood it the dopamine was something to do with natural sugars or natural sugars within the brain transport dopamine, i'm sure there's plenty of natural sugars in banana's.


if you type bananas and dopamine into a Google box, many sites tell you to eat bananas to up dopamine levels.

bon apetite!