Have I forgotton to do something?

Good Morning Everyone
I hope you are all doing ok?
Well, I got a copy of the consultants letter. Which means I can now send it with the ESA50 Form. I shall highlight the points I think they should focus on.
Brief is: Idiopathic Parkinsons, Marked Bradykinesia,Right arm and right sided rest tremor. Bradykinsia in right leg and to lesser extent left leg. Mild cogwheeling rigidity.
Akinetic Rigid Syndrome without atypical features.
So I shall highlight these points.
A bit of not understanding these things on my part and I do not trust google much can someone explain a bit about these.
Also states that he has referred me to their Parkinsons Disease Nurse.
Plus to contact DVLA which I have done as I have a driving licence but havent driven for many years.
Is their anyone else I really need to notify about my Parkinsons?
He also listed down my other illnesses.
Thanks everyone
Have a nice weekend.

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Hi Bub, your first port of call should be to Information and Support at the top of the Forum on the Home page and they will guide you through the minefield that is Parkinson’s.


Hi bub1
We had to put it on our holiday insurance
Which we get with our bank :slight_smile: