Have i PD


my body seemed weird, i was waiting to see a neurologist, but knew there was something going on so i went to A&E, within a few days i was in hospital having spinal discectomy, with cage, i had from birth two vertebraes fused from birth so the one doing all the work slipped and was pushing my spinal cord, they said a few more weeks i would of been paralized from the neck down.

This was a terrifying time for me, symptoms returned so scary, so saw a neurologist who diagnosed PD, i was actually relieved it was not to do with the above op,

I now wonder if this diagnosis is right, i am losing strength in both hands due to ulnar nerves. I would like a 2nd opinion but would not like to upset anyone.

I hope i havent gone off track with this, find everyone here so kind and helpful, any ideas. Many thanks,


Hi Liz, sorry you are going through all this. In your situation, I would ask for a second opinion asap as it doesn’t sound quite right to me, you know your own body. Doctors ask for second opinions for themselves all the time, no-one is likely to be upset. Talk it through with your GP if you haven’t already.

Take care.


Ah Mountainair, thank you so much for your reply, will take your advice,
Really do need to know what is going on with me, on a positive my mind is still good, still make myself laugh and others,
Take care and thanks again.