Have you applied for Employment and Support Allowance?


Have you applied for Employment and Support Allowance?

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill will cut essential financial support for people with Parkinson's who receive Employment and Support Allowance. We're working with other organisations as part of the Disability Benefits Consortium of charities, to persuade the Government not to make these changes.

Please help us campaign for change by filling out our survey and telling us how ESA is working for you.

We're keen to get as many responses as possible so we have a good insight into the detailed experiences of people with Parkinson's in applying for and claiming ESA.

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No one it seems.

Anyway i read this about the ruling on 'WRAG'  by the Government if anyone bothered.



So in theory unless i'm stupid, after 2017 if you were previously found unfit for work, and then found fit for work by Magic then you'll suddenly loose the support element, £30 or 30% of your money.


So if you're proved unfit again nothing will change,when my  pd support worker filled in my forms & i sent all letters in from consultants,gp & list of meds that was enough so i got put into support group no one has said when i will have to re=apply.Maybe they will look at cases & use there common sense  ! and use there energy on the people who are taking the p---


That's great Gus

but as we know these people don't follow by the rules of fairness & common sense,

the aim is too take another 1 million people off benefits saving 13 billion quid, also its no longer a case of what you can't do anymore rather what you can,

We type messages to one another on this forum.

they might think for example that typing we do is a can 'work' therefore you are fit for work of some kind involving 'typing', It may not matter that you can't find a job typing, but, more the case they are saving money saying you can work.

even my back hurts & neck from typing this message !!!! oh no dystonia setting in now ! this is example for any one filling forms in .. How you getting on with entacapone sea angler


I don't know Gus

I've gone from trying too get things done at home because I fear if i didn't do them they'd never be done with my father having a stroke & thinking how will i be ??, too being Dead tired physically & mentally and being unable too Sleep when i was getting some Nice sleep for a change, I don't know if that's a effect of over doing it or the effect of the Pills. I have come too the conclusion of over doing it & being stubborn is not good for my health. and perhaps has only made things worse.

This only applies to WRAG ?,  am i correct in saying it does not apply to support group ?


Applies too new claims placed into wrag from 2017 i think shelly, support group ok.