Have you had an elderly parent with Parkinsons?

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but has anyone lived through looking after an elderly parent who has had long term Parkinsons? My mum was diagnosed in 2003.

Emotionally, we have had the good times and the bad times with Parkinsons and having gone through several horrendous experiences over the years, I am now just wondering what comes next.

My poor mum has been in and out of hospital. A fall inevitably results in a break (currently fractured knee) and now she has the water infection and losing a grasp on where she is. We have been here before. Hospital stays are never good.

I am hoping there is someone out there who can send me a direct message with support of how you actually managed to get through those latter stages when you just feel utterly sorry for your mum when she is so frail and she just has to wait and see what comes next…and you know it will just get worse and worse. How did you cope? What happened? Any advice? I don’t want to see her get any worse than this and obviously it will.

I know there is the helpline but I would rather hear from people who have been through this experience. Please send me a direct message if you have experienced this. Thank you.

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Hello HavanaS

We’re very sorry to hear this. We do hope our community can reach out to you here and offer you some support. I know you are aware of the helpline but we do highly recommend giving them a call and we can do what we can to support.

Yes. My Mum was diagnosed aged 82. I supported her for the 10 years she lived with the diagnosis. I understand the heavy heart. Not sure how I direct message you on this forum…but will find out. Tough days ahead but rewarding too. I have lots to share and will do so when I find out about the messaging…