Have you had to tell children or grandchildren that you have Parkinson’s?

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Have you had to tell children or grandchildren that you have Parkinson’s?

If you have children or grandchildren, how did you to talk to them about your
Parkinson’s after you were diagnosed? Maybe you worried about how to start the conversation or how they would react.

Perhaps you have thought it’s easier not to tell them at all. We are putting together an article for our online magazine about talking to children and grandchildren about Parkinson’s and would really like to feature your own tips and experiences that we could share with others who find themselves in a similar position.

We’d love to hear about your experiences so please comment on the thread below. :point_down:

Hi there not been on here for a long time. As I have been ill for some time…and now all I’m doing is falling all over the place. Apologies I digress. I have 2 grand children ages 7 and 4.it
Actually a couple of years ago that I spoke with my oldest granddaughter I showed her a book called my gran has parkinsons she loved the story and after I had read it to her she said to me I know that you are my gran and that you have parkinsons and I Iove you just the same…I will now need to pull it out again to read to my
Youngest grand daughter. It is a lovely short story with colourful pictures.
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