Have you heard about Quercetin?

Hi everyone......I am having some discomfort and pain at the moment with Interstitial Cystitis, why i have no idea. Unlike Cystitis there is no infection, so anti -biotics do not work, diet can play a part it seems. Anyway after researching the net for some relief i came across a natural supplement called Quercetin and was amazed at what i read............The article said :- Results of present study strongly suggest that Quercetin could serve as an affective adjunct to L.Dopa therapy in Parkinsons disease. I had been trying to find something that would not interact badly with my Parky meds and this came up. Has anyone tried it and if so what was the outcome? i am drinking pints of water to help with the symptoms and if it does not ease i am going to the health shop and buy some Quercetin. 

Hi Dolly

I have never heard of Querceptin and leave it to others to enlighten you.

However, many friends and I suffered from these cystitis-like symptoms after the menopause....no infection and distressing pain, urgency etc.

Eventually we were offered Oestrogen cream for topical use...on the urging of a wonderful, influential consultant who ran a menopause clinic locally.

There is a lot of research showing that loss of oestrogen leads to thinning of the tissues in this area and such treatment helps enormously.

We are all using it regularly and  finding life much improved!

It is not absorbed systemically and is considered safe for use in patients who have had breast cancer.

Maybe worth researching on the Internet and discussing with your doctor?

Hope this helps and perhaps you will get the info on the Querceptin.

Good luck!



Often GPs don't know...we have to educate them.

One of the many articles you can find if you type cystitis and oestrogen into a search box...good hunting!


Hi GG.........I appreciate your reply and i thank you so much for the info. I have been on HRT patches for 18 years, since a Hysterectomy though only a tiny dose of oestrogen. I will do some research and let you know the outcome, meanwhile thanks again for taking the time to let me know and i am happy to know that the cream has helped you.

Luv Dolly x

Hi Dolly,

I haven't heard of it either, but I do hope your pain eases soon hun x