Have you read Slender Threads?

I have just finished reading 'Slender Threads' by Pete Langman and I loved it.
Our condition is variable, unpredictable and hard to diagnose. In the attempt to cover all the bases and not strike too much avoidable dread in to the hearts of the newly diagnosed many books on Parkinson's get lost in a mire of generalisms and euphemism. Pete Langman's writing cuts through all that by telling how it was for him. Medical detail is kept to a minimum in favour of descriptions of how it felt when he was diagnosed, how he told people about diagnosis and how he worked out what it meant for different aspects of his life.

The writing style is direct and uncompromisingly honest without being brutal. Pete's stated stated aim in writing this book has been to help PWP and the people around them by demonstrating that they are not alone. This compact volume achieves that aim with style.

This book is unapologetically one man's experience. Despite that, or perhaps because of it, this book will be useful and informative for everyone affected by Parkinson's in any way and particularly for the recently diagnosed.
I'm thinking of buying a copy for my neurologist as I think all Parkinson's professionals should have one.

Pete's blog and details of where to buy the book are at
Part of the proceeds go to Parkinson's UK and Cure Parkinson's Trust

Has anyone else read it?
Are there other, similar books that I might like?

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