Have you seen the Dave Clark article in the Daily Mail?

Hi all,

We just shared this over on Twitter where there is a lot of discussion about it. TV presenter Dave Clark has written about his Parkinson's diagnosis and his father's.

Have you seen the article?


What do you think?


Not being a great sports fan, until I read this article I was unaware of who Dave Clark is. However I was very impressed with his positive attitude which is something I HOPE I can maintain myself. I was also diagnosed 2.5 years ago and know it is sometimes very difficult to remain cheerful.

I think that people in the public eye who take this attitude do a great deal to promote knowledge of p/d amongst the general public as well as being inspirational to those of us with p/d.
I bought the paper only to read the article. I thought it was very inspiring, and honest. It couldn't have been easy to speak of his fathers suicide.
I wish him all the best for the future with his Parkinsons journey