Have you thought about the future?


Have you done anything to prepare yourself and your family and friends for the future? Or have you thought about the end of life?

In the next issue of The Parkinson we're hoping to talk about the future and want to hear about what people have already done and thought about, for example, have you made a will or spoken about your care with a partner?

We'd like to include this next to some text about a new booklet we're finishing off about living as well as possible with advanced Parkinson's.

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Yes we have.  Made our wills and Powers of Attorney for finances and health ages ago - before OH got Parkinson`s.  We`ve already activated them for OH so I`m not the only one able to make the decisions.  Recently discussed with family how OH might be cared for if I can`t do it - flu or worse.  He didn`t want to go to a care home even temporarily and having been to local one we didn`t want him to go there either.  So son and daughter will arrange care between themselves and bought-in carers.  They know his routine and keep up to date with it.  We are very very lucky to have both son and daughter living near and both wanting to help.  I hope it never comes to such a tough situation that they do need to take over but best to be prepared.



Hi Hatknitter, could we have a chat? I'd like to hear more. My email is [email protected] or you can call me on 020 7963 9342. Sorry for the slow reply, I've been on holiday! Thanks, Vicky