Have your say on DLA reforms

Are you interested in having a say over the reforms of Disability Living Allowance?

The government's set out its draft criteria for consultation on how people will be assessed for the new benefit that will replace DLA for people of working age. Our consultations post has more information on how to get involved and help us with the Parkinson's UK response.

You can find the post here:http://bit.ly/kLR68u
The cuts in benefits will touch millions of people particularly those with a disability and with this in mind I am in regular touch with my local MP.

I recently sent him the following link:


I received an e mail last night regarding his actions upon the matter and he is to put it before the Secretary of State for Disability and Working Pensions. Please take the time to read it and forward it along with your own thoughts on the content as it just might assist in our fight against the DLA cuts.

I would be grateful also for your thoughts regarding the content of the link, because I was livid after reading it!!!

Thank you for this Glenchass.

We're watching these medicals very closely: although the government says the contractor for these work capability assessments is not financially incentivised for finding people "fit to work". The major problem is there's no penalty if their reports are full of errors either.

We're lobbying on these assessments, and have a briefing for MPs so if your MP is interested do ask him to get in touch.

We have a series of questions we'd like asked in parliament on the many issues to do with Employment and Support Allowance. If you'd like a copy of the briefing contact us in the social policy and campaigns team at [email protected]

Social policy and campaigns officer