Head pressure and pain


Does anyone suffer the awful pressure in the head and painful neck spasms?  It is happening during on and off periods. I feel as though my head is going to explode at times. I take madopar 25/100 and 12.5/50  x3 a day also 10mgs Requip XL at night.  When this is happening I feel spacey and headachey.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks 

Luv Dolly 


Hi Dollymaz, yes was one of my earlier symptoms, though it's difficult to describe uniquely and we may all be describing differnt things. For me it was more like a fizzing in my head, though indeed that wsaa sort of pressure. And neck ache rather than spasms. Plus horrible between-the-shoulders ache.

All past tense - these symptoms disappeared once I was on meds, though they threatened t oreturn this time lat year till my dose was increased.

Hope this helps, take care



Thanx so much for your response Semele, I appreciate your comments. I feel under medicated as have several symptons returning and am seeing the Neurologist at the end of October and will tell her about it. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Like yourself I love cats and although mine have passed away now I do have 4 cats from neighbours that visit regularly (they know and don't mind at all) but to sit and have a cuddle with one gorgeous ginger moggie is so relaxing and theraputic, wonderful creatures. As good as any meds ay?

Best wishes

Dolly x







Hi dollymaz, funny you should comment on that because I've suffered from that a long time now. It happens mostly when I go to peel or prep vegetables etc, the tension in the back of my head and the neck spasms seem to happen when I am gripping anything hard to hold it steady while I peel, scrape or cut anything, so hubby does the veg for me along with other things, it seems to be on the left side where I have the parkinsons. When do you feel your tension more?


Sorry I can't comment on your love of cats, wouldn't hurt them but can't seem to like them!!


Hi Sheffy...i find the head pressure is worse when i am due meds and if i am anxious. I rang my nurse last week before we went away for a few days and she has increased the Madopar by one more dose a day. Whether it is the increase or that I was relaxed whilst away im not sure, maybe a combination of the two. I am due to see the Neurologist at the end of the month so will mention it .  I am having accupuncture for the neck spasms and shoulder pain which helps for a bit. It really is a horrible feeling isnt it? Like your head is going to explode with pressure. Hope alls good with you matey?



Hi Dollymaz, let me know what your neuro says, and I will ask my PD nurse in November when I see her and we'll compare notes. It is a strange feeling i must admit, I'm still on 16mg of Ropinirole and may have to add Sinemet, be interesting to see if they make a difference. Have an appointment to see a therapist for my anxiety and weeping tendacies, which seem to be getting worse............oh the joys of having parkinsons! But we have to stay focused and positive don't we.........

Best Wishes






Im new to the forum ,was diagnosed bout 18 months ago .Have got used to the tremor in right arm and leg.Havent been able to get used to the head pains/pressure dont think a day goes by when i dont get them.Have asked P.D nurse G P and nobody seems able to tell me what is causing it.Have app. with Consultant in December ,hopefully will get some answers.

It is really nice and helpful to be able to communicate this way.




Hi Sheffy and Karp.....the Neuro nurse increased my Madopar which has helped a lot with the head pressure and pain and i guess it is worse mostly  when i am under medicated also the stiffness in the neck and shoulders contributes to the heavy woozy head . The accupuncture does help and i was asked by my GP  if i would mind giving a little talk to some students about Parkinsons and the effects of it , they were very interested and found it helpful. They were suprised just how many symptoms there can be with this disease, and to be honest it wasn't until i started to chat about it that i remembered how ill i felt before dx and starting the medication. The last 10 days i have had the Lergy!!! more flu like than cold, and have been coughing until i am sick, which is difficult for us isn't it? as we have to take our pills on time and what do you do if you are sick??? take them again or not? 

i am sorry to hear you are feeling low and teary Sheffy, i hope you get some answers and help soon, it is a horrible feeling  you may only need your meds adjusted also.

Welcome to the Forum Karp, i am sure you will find all the information and support from all the lovely folk on here, keep posting 

Best wishes 

Dolly x





HI Dolly, awful having the 'lergy' is'nt it, hope you soon feel better, but as you say the cough is the worse thing and the last to get rid of. I haven't been sick at all in the last few years so can't help you there I'm afraid.

Doc wanted me to speak to some students about explaining what it's like living with a long term illness, but I didn't think I had enough insight into parkinsons to help them in any way. I've had the dreaded disease coming up for six years now and still don't know enough about it, but not to take me off the list as I may be of help in the future. It's a good thing as it helps 'spread' the plight of PWP, so good for you. I think I would end up crying and showing myself up the way I am at the moment, I don't like confrontations. I've started to see a therapist now, had my first session last week (in tears!) can't get to the base of it all, as you say could be my meds, which the parkinsons nurse is looking into for me.

Take Care hope Mr Dolly is keeping well - Sheffy x


Thanks for the welcome Dolly.

It appears my head pains could be caused by arthritis in the neck.I am very restricted in neck movement

Ah well, still  finding my way around this site !!!

Bye for now


Hi dolly and sheffy

just read your posts. I've had this irritating cough too for week or so. Drives you crazy. Also sheffy is it normal to be so tearful with parkinsons as I keep crying at silly minor things that normally I'd cope with??? Went to the kitchen at work to make a coffee on own and burst into tears , things like that. Or if things go wrong. How daft is that!!!!

sorry to invade your posts but it helped me when I read them. 

Best wishes, sue


Lexi this is possibly down to the shook of being diagnosed it is a type of bereavement life before PD and life after PD you need time to adjust.

Cry if you need to I do it helps release tension just keep an eye out for depression ask your family to as well depression is very common then if it seems to be that please get straight to your GP. If you want to talk call me you have my number my lovely.


BB xx


Hi Sue....great to hear from you, I have been reading your posts and realise that you have not been dx long. How are you coping with all the c*** that Mr parky dishes out? Like Sheffy and yourself I have found the tears just start for no reason recently, I spoke to my nurse last week as ive been expeiencing the wearing off sooner than I did, and my meds were only increased in Oct, she is now adding a little Azilect to my first Madopar dose of the day which I start tomorrow. Funny as we had family stay for the weekend and my youngest grandboy 16 and I spent 5hrs in Brighton exploring the old retro shops and enjoying our day and I did not hardly notice the wearing off and no tears. Was it because I was so occupied and happy? I wonder if I analyse this disease too much sometimes. Anyway i will let you know if the bit of Azilect makes a difference.I hope you and Sheffy enjoy a great Christmas and wish you a bright and happy new year. With less tears and lots of laughs. By the way did you hear about the chap who went to the docs with an awful cough and sore throat? The gp asked him if he had been eating christmas decorations.....as he had tinselitis!!!!! Sorry about that but the meds are wearing off haha!!!

Best wishes

Dolly xx


Hi LEI255  

For many people the effect of such potentially life-changing diagnosis as PD is similar to grieving for the loss of a person, except that we grieve for the loss of the life we assumed we would have although the fact is that   none of us know for sure what is around the corner  so it is certainly  normal to be tearful and  to feel a bit hopeless and helpless in the face of even small additional  setbacks .

This is especially so  when for many of us the  life changing dx. has been delivered in a short consultation in much the same way as one would dx. ingrown toenails  or the like.   According to PD UK 60% patients dx walk out of the consultation with no information whatsoever.

My mother was just short of hundred when she died and her sister was 103.  So when I asked the neuro when I asked him after he had delivered the bombshell  what the prognosis was and he  said 10-15 years it did not strike me even at the age of 69 as quite the  helpful remark he obviously intended it to be..  My dx. was a bit of a last straw event and having gone to the appointment alone, I went home and screamed like a banshee for the rest of the day on and off at the injustice of it all.  And then I picked myself up as  most of us do eventually. 

All the best






Thank you all so much for your replies. I will say I take a low dose anti depressant already so that prob helps a bit. Today not been as bad. Think you right that it's finally sinking in and although it's such early days it's the not knowing that frightens you. I have been allocated a neuro nurse now and see her late Jan after shoulder op. Also start Meds then. you have all been such a help and I don't feel I'm facing this alone. loved the joke dolly! Bb I've got number but I know you've had a rough time yourself. 

Christmas wishes,

sue x


No matter what my rough time as far as I am concerned is done and dusted, I try to help others because I know I can, one lady I know after turning up on my doorstep at 2 am whom has Me came to me because she needed straight answers and she still comes to when when she needs pushing back up, she does the same for me.

My straight talking nature told her in no uncertain terms she was sinking into depression she followed my advice and saw her GP whom asked her if I was medically qualified which I am not, she told her GP I was morally qualified due to my PD. In my experience most GP's  do not like unqualified persons making statements like I did. Much to my surprise he told her to listen to me because I was correct.............

She is now on road to recovery thankfully and yet when we first met she was very wary of me due to my straight talking attitude. If I can help you I will.


Take Care BB XX



Hi Sue

Regarding the tearful sessions, I have come to realise to a certain extent the I seem to get upset when I can't do things I want to be able to do and get frustrated because I can't do it, and especially when someone is watching me I get embarrassed. It's difficult to explain, and it just happens.I am seeing a therapist because I don't want to go on anti-depressants, so I am dealing with it in my way without meds, and hoping it will work. I think Dolly is right in saying if your mind is occupied it helps, it's a bit like mind over matter and the frame of mind you are in at the time, if that makes sense.

Anyway hope every one has a hassle free Christmas and a Happy New Year, I have something to look forward to, the birth of a granddaughter, I'm so excited.

Best wishes to you all  -  Sheffy


Thanks sheffy, yes I need a positive mind. It's good to know I have such lovely friends on here too who understand. 

So exciting for you sheffy with a new granddaughter on the way. I love little Esmae and she is certainly one who will keep me going for sure! 

Happy Christmas! Xx