Head tremor


Anyone else had an internal head tremor - feels like my face is tingling, my head is shaking, my tongue and jaw having a tremor - it is a very unpleasant feeling - this coupled with an eye twitch and the usual joint pain, makes trying to work for 11 hours very difficult.  Is it the meds or the PD - gettiing very disillusioned my symptons don't seem to be improving despite being on Requip XL for months and months.  I have had flashes of improvement - but they only last a few minutes - at most 30 mins - do  i go back to my gp, pd nurse or wait until neuro in Nov!



Hello moonandstars

I would phone the pd nurse, they will usually speak to neuro and relay messages or get you an earlier appointment.



Thanks mosie did that middle of last week - nothing yet - feel am bothering her so haven't pursued