Headaches daily

:frowning:I,ve been getting alot of headaches across the forehead and I sometimes wonder is it because we don't blink much with pd?If you stare alot it makes the eyes painful and then passes the strain onto the forehead.I have had a CT scan and that was clear.I did have a bad accident in 1979 and got an upper jaw fracture,this may be part of the trouble but prior to all this I didn't get any problems with the head.Maybe it's just me or does pd promote these problems.Anyway just wondered if any of you have the same problem.All the best aka Alan.
Hello Alan, I too suffer from very bad headaches, which are situated in the forehead and I have been to my GP today becasue of them. I started to check my blood pressure daily and kept a diary for 2 weeks. What i found was that my blood pressure is sky high one day and very low the next...it really is fluctuating a lot. what happened at the GP you may ask, I was simply told to take MORE painkillers..ie 2 tramadol plus 2 paracetamol 3 times per day. Unbelievable.I have lost all faith in any of the medics that are treating me and wonder what on earth I have paid taxes and NI contributions for since I was 15 years of age.

Sorry for this rant but as you can probably tell I'm pretty peed off with the whole NHSS.

With you all the way Glenchas.Join the ever growing club of disillusioned who are fed up of the indifferent,careless treatment by the NHS.
All the best
Thanks Glenchass and Titan, these headaches are a nuisance.My PD consultant says it's nothing to do with the medicine I'm on.Requip 3mg x 4 times a day + azilect 1mg once a day.What worries me I am flying to Kefalonia in June and at the moment I feel like I'm in another world.This has been going on since last October and I was put on Amitriptyline at 10mg before retiring.They make you sleep but I felt very tired the next day so stopped taking them.I'll just carry on and hopefully maybe it will subside,the doctors tell me nothing is wrong,so,live in hope. Cheers,Alan.
Hi Bigbie,

Some possible causes of headache:

teeth grinding at night;

sleep apneoia (confirmed for me by a friend on holiday but the doctor
was skeptical and I didn't pursue it);

stiff neck muscles (I have had long-term headaches off and on and have had them for the last few weeks. Yesterday my osteopath found I was very stiff at the back of my neck to one side and although I was not particularly aware of it, when the osteo did his stuff the muscles were in fact quite tender in one spot on my neck);

"cluster headaches" i.e. persistent, related to migraine. I was prescribed a specific tablet years ago but I can't remember the name and I didn't take them anyway as they made me too sleepy to drive.
Thanks Eileenpatricia.
I do get knotted up around the shoulders and neck.I must send the wife on a massage course. I'm just an anxiety man and that don't help.Keep smiling.:grin: