Dose anyone have saver pain in their heals at night. If you do, Please can you tell me how to get rid off it. Thank you I advance. I get This quite often.

Is it a pain on the inside of the heel, just below the ankle bone?

That’s what I’ve recently experienced and have largely resolved the problem by only wearing shoes that are supportive for the arch. Not flat sandals.

I have had this for several weeks now, when i get up my left heel is very painful but usuallt by the time i have been out with the dog for 10 minutes it eases off.

Hi. It sounds like it could be Plantar Fasciitis, it made life very difficult as some days I could hardly walk more than a few hundred yards. What resolved it for me was calf stretches and shoes from a company called Fitville.

I have found Skechers shoes to be very effective in dealing with my foot pain.
I recently bought a second pair, called Slip-ins, which avoids having to tie the laces!