Health and wellbeing

Hi all

I have been off work this week and felt really rotten on monday, did miss 2 doses of azilect due to manufacturers problem but just generally felt unwell, stomach cramps, sweating reduced movement and stiffness on top of this I motice that to a certain extent I do also have a tendancy to withdraw a bit.
Just generally felt crap.
Have had episodes like this before.
But then Thursady night suddely felt like my old self and full of life again, the turnaround amazes me and can't pin point any reason although I'm more than happy to feel so much better both physically and mentally.
Has any one experienced these ups and downs
Hello, hope you are feeling ok now.
Do you think it had anything to do with missing
your azilect? I haven't yet started any meds
but my tremor is a bit worse, so when i see the PD
nurse she may suggest it.I think it is difficult
when you have PD cos how do you know it wouldn't have happened anyway? Is azilect the only med u take ?
ooops I seem to be rambling a bit .
Yes newdidit. Totally illogical. The trouble is there are so many variables (even down to whether or not the day before was sunny) that it seems impossible to harness the good bit and put general well being under some sort of control - as I discovered in trying to get the maximum effect from medicine for minimum dosage. I didn't know what was dosage and which was just simply me feeling down. Then of course not all the way one feels is necessarily down to PD. I felt ghastly the other day and thought it was a PD off day then developed migraine symptoms, took a paracetamol and was relatively fine in a jiffy .

Life eh?
Hi SF and Kippercat

Yes I agree SF I try not to put everything down to PD probably go the other way but these recurrent highs and lows do make me wonder anyway on an up at this time.

For Kippercat (love the name)I also take Mirapexin three times a day and to be honest I really don't want to increase anything at this time think I need to put other strategies in place like pacing, planning,prioritising and some exercise and relaxation ohh if only I were that organised and motivated to do so.
Seem to be busy enough with things but I know I need too.
Have a good weekend everyone, for those local to Kimbolton there is a very good Country Fair at Kimbolton school Sunday we have a stall there selling plants so if you come along please say hello.
Lots of other things besides our plants, classic cars, lots of art and craft stalls and I think there is a aeroplane fly past, not sure of type, but it was a good turn out last year.

Bye for now
Hi Newdidit,
Kimbolton is not far from me
but unfortunately I had to work at the
weekend. I hope you didn't get too wet !!
Hi Kippercat

The short answer really is yes we did, some pretty hard showers, but a good day, thank you, hope you are keeping ok

Actually got my Azilect today but not without the Chemist ringing suppliers again and apparently they sent their emergency stock by post, have put 'script in again already
Hi folks.

I, too, have extreme ups and downs which can last half an hour or a day. How long they last, how intense they are and how frequently they occur seem totally unpredictable. I can't identify any external stimuli which might trigger these occurences, nor any connection with my medicinal cycle (Azilect, Stalevo, Gabapentin).

But when the ups are REALLY up it's like I have no PD at all, and I feel physically like I did 20 years ago. Unfortunately this happens very rarely. And when I'm in a down which is REALLY down I'm little better than a cadaver!